Archives: Bear Country Uno

  • When: 20210127
  • QIC: Lawn Boy
  • The PAX: Bing, Cash Flow, Dreamliner, Funny Car, Gator, Lawn Boy, Planer
  • Conditions: pretty good – 43 and humid


    Give-up: 10

    Michael Phelps: 10

    Merkins w/ locked elbows: 10

    Squats: 10

    Imperial Walker: 10

    The Thang:

    Mosey to track, pick-up coupon, meet at box office/concession stand

    Each PAX dealt seven Uno cards

    Red: squats w/ coupon

    Yellow: curls w/ coupon

    Blue: 4-count flutter kicks

    Green: up-downs

    Each time a PAX needed to draw one or more cards, all PAX rifle-carried coupons to the bleachers and waited while unlucky PAX ran up the bleachers (without coupon) to select one or more cards.  This PAX then moved the draw pile up the bleachers one row.  All PAX rifle-carry coupons back to concession stand.

    Wild cards changed colors but came with four burpees

    Wild cards +4 changed colors, came with eight burpees, and draw four for one PAX

    Skip cards caused a mosey to the coupon storage area and back

    Draw two cards came with two burpees and draw two for one PAX

    Several “special” wild cards were in the deck; however, only one was played that resulted in one lap on the track

    At 0600, all numbers on the cards were doubled for the exercise


    Dreamliner wondered aloud how to do merkins with locked elbows; this shoulder warm-up exercise needs its own name in the exicon

    Cash Flow seemed to be the unlucky recipient of most of the trips to the draw pile

    There was much complaining about the time taken to draw cards as other PAX held coupons overhead

    Planer used his trip to the draw pile to move the deck up several rows

    Bing first discovered the “special” wild cards; speculation abounded about the Lawn Boy “hieroglyphics” on the cards; fortunately, the Gator suggested totem pole card never surfaced

    Funny Car commented on the other card games Qs have brought in the past – e.g., F3 work out deck and normal playing cards with exercises for each suit (draw four at a time)


    Counterama and Namearama

    “My motto was always to keep swinging. Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging.”  Hank Aaron (Feb 05, 1934 – January 22, 2021)

    For F3 PAX – just keep coming back… it helps however you are feeling and whatever else is going on in your life.

    Prayer requests and prayer


    Boardwalk (Friday) Jan 29, running Q at VA Beach Boardwalk, meet at 36th St 6-6:45PM

    Blackwater (Friday) Feb 5, IronPax Challenge workout, Western Branch High School, pull-up bars, 5:30am

    Patriot Challenge (formerly Run Ranger Run). F3 Hampton Roads team.

    February Quad P is open. Keep track of your miles in February in conjunction with Patriot Challenge. Activities include running, walking, biking, etc.