Archives: Bear Crawl Beatdown

  • When: 20170919
  • QIC: SubMac
  • The PAX: Airwolf, Deflator, Space Monkey, Triple Option, Screen Door, Dreamliner
  • After record numbers for F3HR last week, the numbers are also looking good for this week as 7 PAX posted for a Tues. morning Bear Crawl Beatdown.

    Warmarama – SSH x 112 Jody style (Deflator led), Slaughter Starter (i.e. Burpees x 25), Don Quixotes x 15, Imperial Squat Walkers x 15, Hillbillies x 15

    The Thang – First exercise was Bear Crawl Ring of Fire.  This is a Deflator original that always comes at the end of workout when YHC thinks/wishes the workout is almost over.  YHC decided to see what the PAX could do in the beginning of workout.  Bear Crawl in circle around flags.  First person decides when to halt and perform 5 Merkins IC.  Continue to Bear Crawl until next person halts.  Repeato until everyone has halted.  It was at this point that YHC considered calling an audible for the next exercise.  Without knowing what was in store Dreamliner remarked the PAX likes to be sore the next day.  So YHC kept with the original plan.

    Next exercise was a DORA.  Partner up for 100 Merkins, 150 LBCs, 200 Squats.  While one partner is doing exercise the other Bear Crawls to volleyball court and Crawl Bears back to flags.  Any mumblechatter was thoroughly squashed at this point.

    Slow moseyed to swings for the next exercise, BBSs and Mini Mikes (Similar to Mike Tysons but what he did in 1st grade).  Feet in swing in plank position bring knees to chest then perform 1 Merkin.  Repeato to 10.  Partner performing BBSs until switch.  The PAX completed 5 rounds.  Halfway through Dreamliner stated this was his kind of workout which made YHC extremely proud.  It is always YHCs ultimate Q goal to wear out Dreamliner.

    With 12 mins left the PAX circled up at flags for Mary/Dealers Choice.  Too many ab exercises to name.

    COT – Remember the power of your words and how they can affect other people.  This applies at home and at work.

    Proverbs 15:1  “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”

    15:4. “The soothing tongue is a tree of life, but a perverse tongue crushes the spirit.”

    F3 Hampton Roads