Archives: Bear Crawl vs Crab Walk

  • When: 20190801
  • QIC: Musket
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Marvel, Submac, Priorities, Spoke, Sooie, Baby Steps, Delfator, Meat Counter, Musket
  • Conditions: A little muggy, but at least we avoided the sprinklers this morning.

    PAX: 10 Strong

    FNGs: None

    DR PAX: None

    Warmarama (IC)

    • Michael Phelps – 16
    • Through the Tunnel – 16
    • Arm Circles – 15/15
    • Mountain Climbers – 20 4 ct.
    • Emperial Walkers – 15

    Mosey to tennis court.

    The Thang

    Plank Snake: Each PAX is in plank position and the person at the end bear crawls through everyone to the front. Repeat until we have made it all the way around the court.

    Dora: One PAX SSH while the other does suicides with an exercise and then switch:

    • Merkins 10 each line
    • Squat Jumps 10 each line
    • Big Boy Situps 10 each line
    • Leg Raises 10 each line

    Elevators: crab walk on the short ends and sprint on the long:

    • CDDs – 10
    • American Hammers – 20 4 ct
    • Plank Jacks – 30
    • LBCs – 40


    Dealer’s choice:

    • Flutter Kicks
    • Big Boys
    • Freddie Mercuries
    • Side Starfish Planks


    Phillipans 1:12-14
    • It is easy to show your faith when things are going well. It is in the difficult times that others look to you to see how strong your faith is. Your faith in God during the difficult times can be an inspiration to others.


    • YHC did not give two minute warning before the workout, which caused some angst among the PAX. After a reminder from Dreamliner YHC gave a one minute warning and everyone felt better.
    • Three FNGs from Tuesday all returned for more punishment (Sooie, Spoke and Baby Steps). It was awesome!
    • If a gun was held to his head, Marvel would choose crab walk over bear crawl, but that seems pretty drastic.


    • Colonial 200 sign-ups are ongoing, but it is getting close to crunch time.
    • The Iron Pax is coming in September. Look for registration soon. It’s free, but you’ll pay in other ways.
    • Quad P for August is Running.

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