Archives: Bear Crawlathon

  • When: 20180929
  • QIC: SubMac
  • The PAX: FNG Reaper, Shakespeare, Marvel, Gunner, Buoy, Bachelor Pad, Space Monkey, SubMac
  • It was a beautiful cool morning to have the privilege of leading and participating in an Ironclad beatdown.  Airwolf was slated to have the Q but was reminded by the M of 2.0 duties.  Continuing Dreamliners challenge to Q through the F3 exercise list, the PAX at Ironclad completed Bataan Death March through Bears and Blocks.  The Bataan Death March being the only exercise that did not contain bear crawls.

    Warmarama: SSH x 25 Delfator style

    The Thang:

    Bataan Death MarchRoutine, Partner, RunAKA: Burpee Catch Me If You Can Indian Run…A combination of Catch Me If You Can and a traditional Indian Run. The last person drops and does 5 Burpees, while the rest of the Pax mosey in a line. After completing the Burpees, the last guy runs to catch the group, tapping the (new) last Pax on the shoulder, who then stops to begin his 5 Burpees, while the (former) last guy continues on to the front of the line. Continue until all Pax have performed a set of Burpees or until the Q calls it.
    Bay City ScissorsMaryAlternating scissor kicks done in an 8-count. On your back start with your legs at a 45-degree angle. Alternate legs for a vertical 4-count scissor; 1-right leg up/ left leg down, 2-left leg up/ right leg down, 3-right leg up/ left leg down, 4-left leg up/ right leg down. Counts 5-8 are parallel to the ground; 5- right leg over left leg, 6- left over right, 7-right over left, 8-left over right. That’s ONE. A real crowd pleaser at the end of your AB workout.
    Bear CrawlWalk on ground with both hands and feet, like a bear.
    Bear Crawl 1-2-3Partner, RoutineDora’s obnoxious neighbor who throws wild parties all night long. Partner up, perform 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, and 300 Squats as a team. While Partner 1 is doing the 1-2-3, Partner 2 Bear Crawls across a defined space (parking lot works great), and Crawl Bear back, then flip flop until all Merkins, LBCs, and Squats are complete.
    Bear Crawl BurpeesPAX start in upright position arms raised (Grizzly bear rarwr) drop in to burpee, at the top of the push up start bear crawling. Everytime you hear Grizzly, you hop back up, drop back down, push up and crawl again.
    Bear Crawl Inch WormPartnerPAX lines up head to to feet in plank position. The man in the back of the line bear crawls to front of the line and yells front and next man does the same thing until whole PAX has done it.
    Bear Crawl Ring of FireCombines exercises we have all come to love/hate. Circle up around shovel flag. Begin by bear crawling around in circle until Q says stop. Upon stopping, first Pax completes 10 merkins while other Pax plank, then next pax in line completes 10 merkins while other pax plank. Keep going around until all pax have completed the 10 merkins. The suck factor greatly increases the more pax you have (longer planks). Do as many rounds as time permits, or really until Q is smoked. Best when combined with a mucho chesto variation. 5 rounds of bear crawls in circle formation, 10x each of merkins, diamond merkins, werkins, stagger left merkin, and stagger right merkins. (ie Round 1 bear crawl in circle, Q halt, first pax does 10 merkins, pax plank until all pax have completed 10 merkins….begin bear crawling again for Round 2, Q halt, first pax does 10 diamond merkins, pax plank until all pax have com pleted 10 diamond merkins….etc.)
    Bear Crawl SnakePartnerSimilar to Bear Crawl Inch Worm, but adds a weave. PAX line up head to feet in plank position. The man at the back of the line, bear crawls to front of the line, weaving in and out of planking PAX and yells when at front. Next man does the same thing until all PAX have completed. Repeato as necessary.
    Bearmuda TriangleRoutine3 markers ~30yds apart in shape of a triangle. Pax performs one burpee at first marker and bear crawls to 2nd marker, 2 burpees and bear crawl to 3rd marker, 3 burpees and bear crawl back to 1st marker. Rinse and Repeat x 3. Named Bearmuda Triangle as it has been known to mysteriously lose some pax along the way.
    BearpeesRoutineThe Bearpees are long lost cousins to the Burpeedans and suck equally. Line up across a field or parking lot. OYO 1 Burpee followed up by 4 count bearcrawl forward. Once PAX get to other side, rinse and repeat adding another Burpee, keeping the 1:4 ratio but only increasing the number of Burpees. This is best achieved when going past 4!
    Bears & BlocksRoutine, Coupon, RunGet on all fours (like you are doing a bear crawl) with your Cinder Block on the grass between your knees or feet. Reach between your legs and pull the Block across the grass passed your head. Now, bear crawl forward until the Block is between your feet again, and keep repeating across the length of the field.


    Closed it out with 8 minutes of mary.

    COT:  Sorry for those that were there on Tues but I’m going to reuse some of my stuff because it bears (pun intended) repeating. I had alot of time while I was away from F3to reflect on all the positive impacts it has in my life. The old saying is true that you dont realize what you had until it’s gone. During that time of reflection I realized I took being able to come to F3 and workout for granted. I would drag myself to the workouts at times and not even enjoy it because I had the wrong mindset. But mindsets can be changed. So when those hard times come, and they will, whether your either dragging yourself to the workout and really dont look forward to it or you are about to choose not to come at all, remind yourself that being a part of F3 and able to workout is a privilege that many do not have.  That could be because they are physically unable, their schedule doesnt support coming as often as they like, F3 isn’t in their area, or they just dont know about it.  Also, remind yourself that your not just out here for yourself and your own health, your out here for the brothers here beside you, providing each other accountability and motivation.

    Moleskin:  We had a lower than average turnout with only 8 PAX, but a lot of the exercises would have been much worse with more people.  Welcome FNG Reaper!  He killed it for not exercising in 6 years!

    Announcements:  Remember to weigh in and record weight for those participating in weight loss challenge.  It helps motivate others.  If no one is recording their weights it makes it seem like no one is participating.

    Remember to give it away guys!

    SubMac out


    F3 Hampton Roads