Archives: Bearway to Heaven

  • When: 20181002
  • QIC: Bevo
  • The PAX: Bacon, Taps, Snowman, SubMac, Buoy, Dreamliner, Grinder, Marvel, Screen Door, Stick,
  • Continuing Dreamliners challenge to Q through the F3 exercise list, the PAX at DDG completed Bearway to Heaven through Bent Jacob.

    It was my VQ and there was lots of splainin’ to do for these 4 execrises we got through. Got some help with exercises I didn’t understand too well.  Also we had 11 PAX so we had to move the beep test to another part of the parking lot!

    Warmarama: 25 SSH

    Bearway to HeavenMusicA Bear Crawl suicide of seven increasing lengths with decreasing burpees at the end of each length. Ideally the lengths and number of burpees should be such that the entire exercise takes the full 8:01 time of “Stairway to Heaven”.
    Beep Test/HighlanderPAX run continuously between two points that are 20 meters apart from side to side. The runs are synchronized with a smart phone application that played beeps at set intervals. At the sound of a beep, the PAX run 20 meters before then next beep sounds As the test proceeds, the interval between each successive beep decreases, forcing the PAX to increase their speed over the course of the test, until it is impossible to keep in sync with the recording. Should the Pax fail to make the 20 meter distance prior to the sounding of the Beep, then the PAX are eliminated from the test. Any eliminated PAX do exercises previously designated by the “Q” until only 1 PAX remains doing the Bleep Test.
    BelchingRoutinePax lays flat on then ground in a line, Q says go. Everyone hops up similar to recovering from a burpee, and sprints 5 – 10 steps, then dives down flat on the ground remaining in line. Essentially, you’re advancing the field without the enemy fire being able to smoke you. Go hard, go quick. After getting to your resting place, complete upper, and core routines, then do a different upper, core routine, then belch back to the starting point, mission accomplished. Best on grassy fields in the gloom with some morning dew, some dives have slides, one must reverse low crawl to get back to the line or forward low crawl to advance to the line.
    Bent JacobAny deviation from a straight #JacobsLadder.


    Bearway to Heaven was accomplished using a tennis court and the natural divisions on there.  Started a 8 burpees down to a full court bear crawl to end.

    The beep test competition was fierce, with Dreamliner just edging out Screen Door at 2500 meters run!  PAX who were eliminated from the beep alternated their choice of 10 ab and 10 leg exercises until it was finished.

    For the belch we advanced to our safe zone to do 25 Mountain Climbers, 25 Big Boy, 25 Reverse Lunge, 25 American Hammer.  Then we took the flag on the other side of the field.

    Bent Jacob we used the same field as the belch, sprinting across the field with the required burpees in between.

    End with 30 seconds of intentional thinker.

    COT:  I reflected on how I have been out of touch with family (who live in other states) and why that is.  My busyness gets the better of me sometimes, and I will forget to even return text messages or calls.  We need to stop bowing to the God of Busyness.  It can become a vice or even an idol.  But God gave us the gift of rest on the Sabbath, and Jesus reminds us in Matt 11:28 – Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. It can help refocus you on your real priorities and allow you to breathe in grace.

    F3 Hampton Roads