Archives: Benches and The Beast

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  • QIC: Tow Rope
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Scout, Space Monkey, Triple Option, Sub Mac, Deflator
  • I was so thankful to have 7 PAX post for my first Q. I wanted to keep it simple (mainly for my own benefit and nervousness), so I chose to put a spin on “The BEAST” and fit it in to our run a.k.a. “running with style” for a change of pace.

    The Thang;

    Warmarama: 20 Side Straddle Hops (IC), 10 Merkins (IC), 20 Mountain Climbers (IC), 10 Squats (IC), mosey to the first bench.

    3 Laps around the lake with exercises at each bench and bear-crawl bridge (of course)

    Bench 1: 6 Merkins (OYO), run to the next bench around the lake.

    Bench 2: 6 LBCs (OYO), run to the next bench

    Bench 3: 6 Squats (OYO), run to the next bench

    Bench 4: 6 Wide Arm Merkins (OYO), run to the next bench

    Bench 5: 6 Big Boy Sit-ups (OYO)(had to help us with our daily numbers for the QuadP challenge), run to the bridge

    Bear-crawl bridge, continue to last bench

    Bench 6: 6 Burpees (OYO)

    After 3 laps and the front runners picking up the 6 (me lol) we made our way back to the flags for some fun with Dealer’s Choice.

    After Dealer’s Choice we finished with a little Ab burner: 10, 4CT Flutter Kicks (OYO) while rest of the PAX held 6 inches until we made it around, 10 Freedom Twists (IC), 20 LBCs (IC), 10 Big Boy Situps (OYO)

    Circle of Trust (COT):

    Counterama and name-o-rama

    2 Samuel 23, Luke 14

    David’s 3 mighty men risked it all for their king (even to get him some water), and they embodied bravery, zeal, and loyalty. We consider it honorable for one to risk his or her life for our country (earthly kingdom). How much more honorable is it to be willing to give it all for God’s Kingdom? We must live everyday being willing to give all we have – our possessions, our very own lives, and even our families – for God’s Kingdom and His glory. Jesus told us that to be His followers we are to carry our cross daily and he warned us to count the cost of being one of His in Luke 14. Salvation in and through Jesus is free to all, but being a true follower of Jesus almost always comes at a cost to our earthly lives – He’s worth it and it’s ultimately worth it and honorable for us to give it all to Him, each and every day.

    Ball of man (BOM).



    June’s QuadP challenge is Big Boy Sit-ups. Sign up here.

    Was a great VQ week. Thanks for the opportunity guys!

    – Tow Rope