Archives: Better late than never

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  • QIC: THE Yankee Aggressor, THE Yankee Aggressor
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Priorities, Swirly, Bleeder, Upchuck, Circle K and TYA, Dreamliner, Priorities, Swirly, Bleeder, Upchuck, Circle K and TYA
  • 3 Steely old veterans and 3 Wednesday hill run virgins converged on hillcrest on a nice Wednesday afternoon.  1 veteran rider posted at 2 minutes after, but found the group.  70 and sunny was the weather (75 if you looked at the Hampton Roads weather app)

    The Thang:

    3 long loops around Hillcrest, Old Orchard, Hillwood, Chairman, Poplar, Pocahontas and Hillcrest again.  The first counterclockwise, the second clockwise and the 3rd counterclockwise.


    Bleeder and Priorities kicked things off by leaving about 10 minutes early to hit the hills.  They stayed together for the whole loop.  Along the way they saw some ficticious tomatoes.  Maybe it was a return of the track teams from UR and VCU.  If so ladies, I’m a little bummed you didn’t come say hello to TYA.

    The rest of us took off at 530 sharp.  Dreamliner and Swirly led the first two laps,  Upchuck hung with YHC for the first loop and then took off halfway around the second loop to catch the faster guys.  As always, I seem to get faster as the run progresses versus slowing down.  Don’t know what that is all about, but I won’t complain.  The third leg I was able to keep us most of the way around.  Circle K posted midstream on his bright orange bike.  He reported that the hills are no easier on a bike!!!

    We hit 5 miles on the odometer for the day with 440 feet of elevation gained over that distance.  I good hilly run, bus still nothing closed to the BRR.

    After the beatdown on the hills we headed to F3RVA studios for second F and the taping of two podcasts.  Look for the podcasts to drop on Soundcloud Friday around noon.


    F3 Hampton Roads