Archives: Better than One…

  • When: 20171121
  • QIC: Scully
  • The PAX: Hugo, Scully
  • With the scheduled Q a last minute member of the DL, and our most recent Hall-of -Famer an excuse-filled fartsacker, two dedicated Pax were left to their own devices this morning at Stankhill.


    * SIDE STRADDLE HOP                  25       IC

    * IMPERIAL WALKERS                   20       IC

    * BIG BOY SITUPS                           25       IC
    * MERKINS                                       25       OMC
    * HEEL RAISES                                 20       IC

    * ABE VIGODAS                              20       IC


    4 Corner Merkins: 25 Merkins and 25 Air Squats at each corner of the adjacent parking lot

    Followed by a leisurely mosey around the lake (string) where each bench* along the way provided a couple of “Dealer’s Choice” pearls:

    As best as I can recall, pearls discovered included one or more 20 rep sets of Merkins, LBC’s, Dips, Big Boy Sit-Ups, Box-Cutters, Hello Dollies, Flutter-Kicks, Erkins, Burpees, Lunges, Step-Ups, and Box-Jumps… multiple sets of some exercises were performed as we ran across more benches than remembered exercises

    *YHC called an audible and skipped a few designated benches in order to make it back to the flags on time

    Circle of Trust

    Counterama and namerama were performed

    Ball of Man

    The dedicated pair closed with a verse volunteered by Hugo (kudos for being able to come up with one completely unprepared), and prayers of thanks for the group, the day, and F3 as a whole.


    Discussions were held regarding a possible Thanksgiving morning “CrossFit Beatdown” at the hands of our newest (fartsacking) HOF… more info to follow, and the possibility of starting a permanent Thursday morning Rucksack workout here at StinkHill. Need to come up with an appropriate name assuming the interest is there… RuckHill?



    F3 Hampton Roads