Archives: O'Doyle Rules @ Ironclad

  • When: 20200502
  • QIC: Gas Station
  • The PAX: Gunner, SubMac, Mango, One-Wheel, Gas Station, Dreamliner, Bachelor Pad, Orbit, Marvel, Priorities, Honest Abe, Single Shot (FNG), Trout (FNG), Jake (FNG), Raleigh (FNG)
  • Conditions: Ironclad was sunny and slightly below 75

    PAX: Gunner, SubMac, Mango, One-Wheel, Gas Station, Dreamliner, Bachelor Pad, Orbit, Marvel, Priorities, Honest Abe.

    FNGs: Single Shot (Landon Yates -11), Trout (Bentley Yates – 8), Jake (Kaleb Charock – 5), Raleigh

    DR PAX: None

    Warmarama (IC)

    • High Knees – have a pax give a 20 count:
    • Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes – 8 reps
    • Monkey Humpers – 10
    • Pickle Pointers – 10
    • Toy Soldiers (AKA Windmills)– 10

    Mosey to parking garage 1st Floor

    The Thang

    Ironclad Billy Madison

    Run to first floor of garage and perform 12 reps of 1st workout (AKA 1st Grade), then run to second floor perform 12 reps of 1st grade then 12 reps of 2nd  grade. Each grade repeats the previous grades workout in addition to the new grades workout. When you reach top floor either run down stairs to first floor and repeat transit up stairs or do a lap around top floor in between grades.

    1st Grade – Overhead Claps5th Grade – Jump Squats9th Grade – V-sit ups
    2nd Grade – Invisible Jump Rope6th Grade – Leg Lifts10th Grade – Irkins
    3rd Grade – LBC7th Grade – CDDs11th Grade – Box Cutters
    4th Grade – Merkin8th Grade – Bonnie Blairs12th Grade – Burpees
    No penguin crunches because its just too hot for penguins to be walking around here.


    Psalm 16:11

    “You make known to me the path of life; in your presence, there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore”

    • Only God has the power to reveal to anyone the path of life. It is something he does in our hearts
    • When he does so, there is fullness of joy because he invites us into communion with him in his presence.


    • 15 Total PAX, split into 2 groups at the start. 1 group hax 4x 2.0s! That’s what I call a legacy.
    • SubMac brought 3x 2.0s with him! The 2.0s expressed their discontent with the ease of the workout while the more seasons pax struggled to count to twelve 936 times. I know that I, as the Q, had problems counting to 3 that many times while trying to remember to stop at 12 reps for each workout.
    • Both groups had to settle with an abbreviated final school year much like the high school class of 2020. Very little mumble chatter as the fond memories (or nightmares) flooded the pax minds as we plodded our way through the grades (AKA workout rounds).
    • There was significant gloom speech every time we repeated 1st grade. Some pax resorted to renaming OHCs to “raising hands and touching fingers touches above your head” just to avoid calling out OHCs. “Stay here for as long as you can!” The beatdown only gets worse.
    • Caution: Be careful when placing hands on parking garage ledges for Irkins. There are many ducks and birds around. You may exclaim, “Its poop again!”


    • “Monthly” Quad-P continues.
    • Dreamliner and his wife found out they are expecting a future F3 pax! Congrats to you both!

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