Archives: Blackwater: IronPax Challenge 2018 Week 2

  • When:¬†20210212
  • QIC:¬†Gator
  • The PAX: Funny Car, Planer, Jigsaw, Gator, Cash Flow
  • Conditions: Unfavorable. PAX sought refuge under the sidewalk awning.

    Pax: Five

    Warmarama: SSH, Squats, Bat Wing, Steel Claps

    The Thang: Keeping with the Blackwater theme, PAX returned to IronPax Challenge Week Two in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand Eighteen. After choosing their murder weapon (coupons were the only weapon authorized), PAX returned to the shelter of the high school bus circle sidewalk awning.


    4 sets x 8 minutes
    *Perform as many reps as possible in 8 mins
    *After every 25 reps, run 25 yds out and back (50 yds total)
    *Rinse & Repeat until 8 mins is up
    *Make note of your rep count for quarterly progress tracking
    *Rest 2 mins (no more, no less) between sets

    Set 1 – Thrusters w/ Coupon (8 mins)
    Set 2 – Curls w/ Coupon (8 mins)
    Set 3 – KB Swings w/ Coupon (8 mins)
    Set 4 – ManMakers w/ Coupon (8 mins)

    Total Score = Set 1+Set 2+Set 3+Set 4

    Mary: No time

    COT: Gator’s sister just landed in the hospital with a triple ankle fracture. She is physically active and 32-years-old. This is a reminder that we are fortunate to be able to wake up and work out to the Glory of God. We are blessed with bodies which are not our own, for we were bought at a price (1 Cor. 6:20). I am thankful to be healthy and able to crawl out of the fartsack and to grow in fitness, fellowship, and faith with you gentlemen. If you are able to be at an F3 post, do it! The day will come when you may be physically unable to post and will wish you could.