Archives: Block Party

  • When: 20190528
  • QIC: Buoy
  • The PAX: Buoy, Marvel, Dreamliner, Waverider, Double Fault, Triple Option
  • At Duck Duck Goose (DDG) 6 PAX were ready to sweat. The weather was an inviting 75 degrees, muggy, and PAX were outnumbered by the biting gnats. With the early sunshine it was nice to see all the PAX bright faces instead of their silhouettes.

    • Biting Gnat slaps, OYO, as many as required in between exercises.
    • SSHs 25 IC
    • Arm Circles 15 Fwd/15 Bwd IC
    • Michael Phelps 20 IC
    • Reverse Lunge

    PAX took a leisurely mosey around DDG pond and took the Bear Crawl Bridge back to the flags. PAX then had the unique opportunity to partner up with their very own 60lb concrete metric unit (CMU) coupon. It just so happened YHC had exactly 6 coupons to share with everyone, no one was left out of the fun. Beatdown got started with multiple exercises, each at 1 minute intervals, AMRAP.

    Exercises are listed below:
    • Abyss Merkins using coupons
    • Bear Crawl Roll; each PAX maintained the Bear Crawl position while rolling their 60lb Coupon.
    • Merkins
    • Bear Crawl Roll
    • Side- to- side Merkins using coupon
    • Bear Crawl Roll
    • Hand Clap Merkins
    • Bear Crawl Roll
    • Bench Press using coupon, 2 sets
    • Mosey; PAX needed a 1 lap mosey around DDG pond to get some relief from the biting gnats.
    • Derkins using coupon
    • Step-ups
    • Overhead Press using coupon
    • Standing Row using coupon
    • Curls using coupon
    • Erkins
    • Hand Release Merkins
    • Squats using coupon

    Since Memorial Day weekend just ended, YHC expressed the importance of what this day truly represents to America. Many men and women of our Armed Forces, both past and present, have paid the ultimate sacrifice for all of us to enjoy the freedoms we have today. It is easy to forget and take this blessing for granted. During your everyday life, if you pass a Veteran be sure to tell them thank you.