Archives: Block Walk

  • When:¬†20181013
  • QIC:¬†Average Joe
  • The PAX: Average Joe, Cowbell, Cheif, Snowman, Freefall, Mcgruff, Iron Man, Maximus
  • Beautiful cool morning for 9 posting with two FNGs – Maximus & Iron man. Lady glitty sparkles made her debut for Average Joe. Coupons were handed out to all (cinder blocks).¬† McGruff(20#) and Average Joe wore rucks to work in miles for upcoming rucks.

    Warmarama – 14 count on all — Calf streatch on block (7 each leg), in/out leg roll, side straddle reach (7 each side), speed bag (4 count ), brick toe tap (4 count), ground quad/shin streatch (4 count)

    Thang – mozy/ruck around the lake and hill with coupon stopping to perform following: superman maker (1), Squat preacher curl (14 OYO), Hip up on block (7 each leg OYO), big boy sit up w/feet in brick (4 count, 14 OYO), Over block leg swing (4 count 14), 1 leg bent over curl (7 each leg OYO), Laying tri curl (4 count 14 OYO), Squat to Brick (4 count 14)

    Finished up with COT

    F3 Hampton Roads