Archives: Bolt 45s to Bruce Lee

  • When: 20181006
  • QIC: Dreamliner
  • The PAX: 2 Wheel (FNG), Orbit (FNG), SubMac, Catapult, Triple Option, Snowman, Cowbell, Shakespeare, Gunner, Armstrong, Buoy, Dreamliner
  • Two more FNGs (Orbit and 2 Wheel) at Ironclad this morning. Perfect fall weather for a workout. We continue to make our way through the F3 Exercise list ( YHC was very anxious about how Bridge of Hate was going to go. Overall, it was successful with completion of the exercise and no injuries. In addition, there were several graceful dismounts.

    Recap of the ground rules:
    1. Begin where the previous Q left off. A-Z followed by numbers and special characters.
    2. You MUST prepare the Q. Do NOT arrive at the AO, then pull up the website and start. If you do this, you will be reading more than Q’ing and may not understand the description. Suggestion would be to print the exercises you plan to get to. PDF on phone worked okay this morning, but paper print out would have been better.
    3. All exercises including circuits must be completed as prescribed. For example, B.O.M.B.S. must be completed Dora format with 50- Burpees / 100- Overhead Claps / 150- Merkins / 200- Big Boy Sit-ups / 250- Squats. Requiring this will mean that it will take longer to get through the list, but the satisfaction of completing as prescribed outweighs speed.
    4. Post on F3 Hampton Roads Facebook group and/or Twitter @f3hamptonroads the starting and ending exercises same day as Q (preferably by lunchtime). This will ensure follow-on Qs do not repeat.

    The Thang:

    Today we completed Bolt 45s through Bruce Lee.

    Bolt 45s Legs, Squat As in Usain Bolt Olympic runner. The Colt 45s of legs. Begin with 15 squats full standing position down to halfway position and return. Then go from halfway down position to full squat position and return up to halfway position 15x. Finish off with 15 full squats or jump squats.
    Boo Boo Bear Crawl Similar to Bear Crawl but with either leg held off the ground all the time so the back leg has to basically hop forward.
    Booyah! Merkin In honor of the late great Stuart Scott, who no doubt would have been an F3 Dash pax, had F3 been in Winston-Salem decades ago. 2 pax plank facing each other perform merkin in unison and on up move reach out and tap right hand to partner’s left shoulder, repeat merkin in unison with left hand tap to partner’s shoulder to complete one rep. Each up move accompanied by a spirited BOOYAH!
    BOPO Routine Burpee, One-Legged Burpee, Plank Jack, One-Legged Burpee (other leg) – call this OYO for 10 reps.
    Boxcutter Mary AKA Upstate Boxcutter. This ab exercise starts on your 6 with legs together 6 inches, out like a Dolly for 1, up for 2, back together for 3, and down without touching the ground for count. Can also be reversed from 6 inches, feet up together, feet out, down, back together at 6 inches for count. Feet are moving in a square motion.
    Breakdancer Merkin Merkin Begin in plank and perform the down part of a merkin. On the up, raise the right arm and come into a side plank, kicking your left leg in front of your body. Rotate back to plank and repeat on the other side. Can be done in (slow) cadence: 1) down; 2) right arm up, left leg through; 3) down; 4) left arm up, right leg through.
    Brick by Brick Shuttlerun (BBBS) Routine, Coupon BBBS – Brick by Brick Shuttle Run (Burpee Big Boy Sit-ups) PAX number off 1s&2s and form two lines 10 yards apart (3 parking spaces at today’s AO). First PAX from Group 1 does the shuttle run by picking up a brick at the other groups line, returns brick to his line, then retrieves the second brick, then returns brick to his starting spot. Remaining PAX are meanwhile in plank position or crab hold awaiting their turn and rotate between the two positions. After PAX completes the shuttle run, he proceeds to perform: R1: 15 Burpees, then falls in line in either plank or crab hold R2: 15 BBs, falls in line R3: 10 Burpees, fall in line R4: 10 BBs, fall in line R5: 5 Burpees, fall in line R6: 5 BBs, fall in line
    Brickbarrow Coupon, Partner It’s a wheelbarrow with 2 pax except the pax crawling on his hands also has to “walk” with a brick in each hand.
    Bricker Coupon Any workout including predominant use of bricks/blocks as weight or resistance. Inspired by the third official workout of F3 Cleveland.
    Bridge of Hate Partner The bridge of hate is the exact opposite of the tunnel of love. The pax form a line by laying on there back shoulder to shoulder. One pax will then be lifted and passed down the line of the pax that are laying on the ground. When the pax that was being passed down the line gets to the front he lays next to the last man and the man at the rear of the line then gets passed down, so forth and so on. Just like an inverted tunnel of love. Exercise can be done for distance or turns. Q’s choice.
    Bridge over the Nest Routine, Partner, Run Both partners start at the base of a bridge or hill. Partner 1 starts bear crawling over the bridge while Partner 2 completes 10 squats, 10 merkins, and 10 LBCs. Partner 2 then runs to the opposite side of the bridge and then runs back to the bear crawling Partner 1. Partner 2 picks up with the bear crawl while Partner 1 runs to the start to complete the exercises, runs across to the other side, and runs back to Partner 2. Repeato back and forth across the bridge until time runs out or the PAX start a mutiny against the Q for excessive cardio. Swap bear crawls for lunges, crab walks, inch worms, etc. after each round as desired.
    Bring Sally Up Mary, Music Q plays the song “Flower” by Moby (Gone in 60 seconds soundtrack). Start with your chest on the ground, and enjoy it because your chest shouldn’t touch the ground again until the song is over. When the song says “Bring Sally Up” the Pax will be in the ‘Merican up position, and “Bring Sally Down” the Pax will be in the ‘Merican down position. Pax will hold the down position until the next rep. It’s only 31 little reps in 3:30. Scale this workout to your fitness level: If you are fatigued, modify the ‘mericans by either doing chest to ground at the bottom, or take no shame and use your knees. Here’s a tip to complete it, position hands between shoulders and chest and close to the body, much less stress on the shoulders. This can be modified to about any move; squats, curls, planks or even pull-ups if you are absolutely insane.
    Broad Jump Burpee Combination of burpee with a broad jump forward at end of burpee.
    Broken Wheelbarrow Partner Similar to a wheelbarrow. Partner one walking on ground with hands while partner two is holding only one leg, with the other leg free of held leg. This demands dramatically more core stability. This has been referred to as the Broken Spirit.
    Bropee Performing a burpee with a partner simultaneously so that on your squat jump up you execute a most excellent high ten.
    Bruce Lee Routine An super set consisting of 6 ab exercises: 1. Hammer, 2. Leg raises, 3. LBC’s, 4. Heel Touches, 5. Crunchy Frog, 6. 100’s. 20 reps, 3 sets. 30 seconds rest between each set. work up to 90 reps, 7 sets: Bruce Lee’s work out.


    Circle of Trust:

    Proverbs 27:17 (NIV) “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”
    This obviously applies to our workouts, but also extends to every other facet of our lives
    The recent influx of FNGs have pushed the leadership to improve the way we welcome and retain FNGs. Thank you for “sharpening” us.
    Prayer requests.
    Ball of Man.

    Sep. and Oct. QuadP (Monthly Challenge) is the Biggest Loser. This is supporting Funny Car while he loses weight prior to an upcoming heart surgery.

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