Archives: BOMBS Away at StankHill

  • When: 20190402
  • QIC: Scully
  • The PAX: Cowboy, Jitterbug, Sunshine, Scully
  • Unbeknownst to all but YHC, four wide-eyed Pax posted in the gloom at StankHill this morning to celebrate my 2.0’s first home run of the young Dodger season. After a typical WAMARAMA consisting of the following:

    • TTT 15 IC
    • Arm Circles 10 Fwd/10 Bckwd IC
    • SSH 20 IC, LBC’s 50 (4-count) IC.
    • LBC’s 50 (4-count) IC

    LBC’s were added in following a text from Dreamliner that this month’s Quad P is 200 LBC’s/day. Just need clarification on whether or not these will be standard 4-count LBC’s… If so, the Abs should definitely be feeling these at the end of the month!

    Upon completion of that first set of LBC’s, the Pax moseyed on over to Kid’s Cove for a surprise celebration… B.O.M.B.S. Here the Pax paired up and while one partner ran the loop around Kid’s Cove, the other began chipping away at the following exercises until his partner relieved him:

    • Burpees 50 OYO
    • Overhead Claps 100 OYO
    • Merkins 150 OYO
    • Big Boy Situps 200 OYO
    • Squats 250 OYO.

    With the celebration joyously completed, the Pax moseyed to the closest stairs for:

    LBC’s 100 (4-count) IC

    (Pax took turns leading the cadence, 10 reps at a time until completion as YHC would surely have lost his breath on his own)

    The Ab-weary Pax then ascended the stairs to the summit, crossed over to the rock pile, and then made quick work of the descent to the flags where a final set awaited:

    LBC’s 50 (4-count) IC (Cadence was, again, a group effort)

    Pax then did a quick mosey to the cars with the flag to perform Counterama/Namerama… and to retrieve YHC’s phone (City is REALLY dragging their feet on getting our parking lot back online) which held the following selected verse of the day:

    Psalms 19:14 KJV

    Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord , my strength, and my redeemer.


    Keep giving it away men,


    PS. Hot off the press update from our fearless leader:

    LBC’s for the Quad P are to be 2-count

    Do we get extra credit for todays largesse?