Archives: BOMBS & DeckSquat ManMakers continue what the IronPax Challenge started…a weekly StankHill beatdown

  • When: 20180911
  • QIC: Scully
  • The PAX: Tropicana, Sunshine, Cowboy, Scully
  • StankHill welcomed back Tropicana to the fold this morning and along with three regulars, we did our best to start the day off right.

    SSH 25 IC
    Thru the Tunnel 20 IC
    Big Boy Situps 20 IC
    Impromptu lap around the parking lot due to Cowboy’s late arrival just as we were about to get thing’s started.

    In celebration of CT3’s dinger last night, YHC decided we’d start things off with BOMBS. For those unfamiliar with the exclusively F3 gem, Pax paired up and while one member ran a lap of the parking lot, the other performed the designated tasks in an effort to complete as a team:
    Burpees 50
    Overhead Claps 100
    Merkins 150
    Big Boy Situps 200
    Squats 250

    Following the requisite 30 second respite, YHC incorporated a new exercise into our routine with one team member running to the parking lot entrance and back while the other performed DeckSquat ManMakers with our new cinder block friends (exactly as it sounds… ManMakers as performed in the IronPax Challenge, but with a DeckSquat (with cinderblock) wrinkle thrown in for good measure. YHC was overly ambitious calling for a total of 50 to be completed, but quickly modified to 25 once he realized the effort required with each rep.

    Upon completion (and another 30 second countdown), the Pax were directed to perform a somewhat different sort of countdown:
    Merkins/BigBoys 25 Ea
    Merkins/BigBoys 20 Ea
    Merkins/BigBoys 15 Ea
    Merkins/BigBoys 10 Ea
    Merkins/BigBoys 5 Ea

    COT & BOM

    Keep giving it away men,