Archives: BRR 2018

  • When: 20180907
  • QIC: Swirly, Bleeder, Saab and TYA
  • The PAX: All Pax
  • BRR registration is open and it has been selling out earlier and earlier each year.  So, we are going to register for the big race in the next couple weeks.

    I know at least one team from RVA is going to run next year, but the final number will depend on how many folks want to run.  The race is the 7th and 8th of September.  We leave from RVA on Thursday and arrive back home after the race Sunday morning.  Cost is $450 – $500.  It includes all entry fees, transportation, gas, lodging night before and after and gear for the race (show up with your running shoes and clothing and you will be ready to go).  The past couple years, we  (Swirly, Bleeder and I) have managed the team.  If someone dropped out, we recruited a replacement.  We are going to do it differently this year.  If you say your in, you are committing to getting yourself, or a replacement to the event to run and committing to pay for your share of the race.  Let me know by Feb 1 if you are in.

    Swirly, Bleeder, Saab and TYA