Archives: Bucket Brigades => Burpee 1/2 mile

  • When:¬†20181009
  • QIC:¬†Airwold
  • The PAX: FNG- Bobber, Submac, Marvel, Stick, Sterling, Catapult, Bacon, 2 Wheel, Dreamliner
  • 10x PAX in total!! Plus the return of a 2.0 who worked out w/ us on Labor Day now named “Bobber.” A 14-year old who has asked his Dad if he could wake up at 0500 for a beat-down. If you ever wondered how you raise men of character and grit… that’s a good start. I don’t know a ton of teenagers who ask their parents to wake up well before the sun to work and sweat. Glad to have you Bobber, you’ve got a bright future ahead!

    ** We got to 1/2 of a Burpee Mile… although apparently skipped Burpee Dan’s. So start next workout w/ a Burpee 1/2 mile then hit Burpee Dans and we’ll be on track.

    – SSH, Arm Circle, Helicopters (AKA Airwolfs), Imperial Walkers, Copper Head Squats, Bulgarian Ball Busters, Burp & Groins,



    Bucket Brigade Lunge With Rock or other coupon in hand, backwards lunge and twist towards front leg. Alternate legs and direction…like in a bucket brigade.
    Bucket Brigage Stairs, Partner, Coupon Works best with 4 – 8 men. Line up at top of stairs (or large hill). One man on each stair shoulder-to-shoulder. Man on highest stair passes heavy object (i.e. 60lb sandbag, cinderblock, etc) down to next man, who passes it along the line. Once you hand off object, run down stairs to end of the line to receive object again. Once at bottom of stairs, repeat going back up.
    Bulgarian ball busters Reverse lunge ending with a sharp knee-up. Should be accompanied by a karate sound for maximum effect.
    Burp & Groin Like the Burp & Merk, but do ascending Groiners 1-10 after the merkin part of the burpee.
    Burp & Merk Begin a traditional burpee with a single push up at the bottom, then complete. Drop back down for a second burpee with two push ups, then complete. Pyramid up to 5 if your a girl or 10 if your a man, pyramid all the way back down to one if your an F3 Man!! Hooah!
    Burp Back Mountain Routine, Partner A punishing full body exercise begins by locating a nice-sized hill. The exercise is then performed by pairing up with one person proceeding to run backward up the hill/forward down the hill 5X while the other person is performing burpees. The individuals continue to alternate running with burpees until 100 total burpees are completed. When finished, pax continue to run hills until entire pax completes.
    Burp-ups Burpee Standard Burpee done (typically under monkey bars) where you do the Burpee, then when you jump you grab the monkey bar and go straight into a pull up. Rinse repeat.
    Burpee A multi-step, full-body exercise in which you move from standing to push-up to squat to jump. Best seen in F3 TV example.



    Ecclesiastes 11:4 – “If you wait for perfect conditions you will never get anything done.”