Archives: Buggy BearCountry Birthday Beatdown

  • When: 
  • QIC: Deflator
  • The PAX: Deflator, Dreamliner, Submac, ScreenDoor, Clifford, TowRope, MiniMe, SpaceMonkey, WalkOn
  • Overview – Deflator Q8.0 occurred on the occasion of YHC’s 44th birthday.  6-28-73 and 44 were themtically riddled throughout the workout.  Strangely enough, 44 also matches the total number of mosquito bites I left with.  That was madness.

    Warmup – 28 SS Hops IC; Rainbow Arm Circles (14 each direction for a 28 total); 6 4-ct Merkins; 28 LBCs

    The Thang:

    Mosey to the Track.  Setup 5 cones in the field inside the track in a pattern to make up the extremes of a huge “4”.   At first cone:  28 Merkins.  Forward lunge to second cone and do 44 LBCs.  Bear Crawl to third cone and do 28 squats.  Side lunge to fourth cone and do 6 4-ct Carolina Dry-docks.  Sprint to fifth cone and hold 73-count plank.  Run backwards to first cone and repeat (to make “44”).  And repeat another time just for the heck of it.

    Then, perform a burpee lap around the track – one lap, stopping and doing 6 burpees at each 1/4 mark.  Had enough of the 6-28-73 and 44 mix yet?  Not so fast.

    Mosey back to the flags for a final birthday celebration.  Perform two Rings of Fire with style.  For style #1 – all PAX on their 6 and hold 6″; each PAX then takes turns flutter kicking while singing “Happy Birthday to You” to Deflator.  For style #2:  all PAX hold plank; each PAX then takes a turn performing a Merkin until 44 Merkins are performed in total.  I’m pretty sure I heard mumble chatter  such as “this is the worst birthday party ever”….

    Count-o-rama and Name-o-rama performed sucessfully.

    COT anchored simply by Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Just a uplifting, positive reminder on what turned out to be a great birthday.

    Balled it up and concluded with some birthday snacks – orange slices and breakfast squares.

    Thanks to my fellow F3 brothers for sharing the day and humoring me during this Q.  I had a great time!