Archives: Burpees and Stairs galore on Stank Hill

  • When: 20170919
  • QIC: Sunshine
  • The PAX: McGruff, Scully
  • It was another normal day on Stank hill.  Started the morning off with my usual warm-a-rama consisting of Side Straddle Hops, arm circles (forward and backward), Imperial Walkers, air squats, merkins and LBC’s.  But then we moseyed over to the stairs.  This is when things really got interesting.  What was originally intended to be a partner workout, turned into a grueling 20 min workout.  Starting with 10 burpees and counting down, we performed burpees, with a run up the stairs to the top and back, then doing 9 burpees, then 8 and so on.  After the round of 7, we all quickly realized that this was going to be a burner.  Mumble chatter was essentially non existent by this point.  As McGruff and Scully made it down to the round of 2, I was gasping for air and cursing on every step up to the top.  This was for sure a horrible idea!  Once finished, we made our way over to the rocks at the top, took turns calling out movements until it was time to head back down to the flag.

    F3 Hampton Roads