Archives: Casual Thursday

  • When:¬†20190307
  • QIC:¬†Average Joe
  • The PAX: Jitterbug, Vetter, Cowboy, Scully
  • This warm 75-49 morning 5 PAX came out for a rucking good time. Warmarama: SSH 15, Imperial Walker 20. Something little different, Yoga child’s pose with quad and shin splints stretch (3 rep), OYO Vinyasa up dog to down down (5 rep).

    Started ruck march with packs on front for 100 +/- yards, moved rucks to our 6 for 16 min mile pace. During our march around ruck pond we preformed prisoner walk(hands on head), Casual-ty carry (3 man & fireman carry). Packs appeared to be to easy to carry we moved them to our fronts again for another 100 yards. Maneuvered up Ruck hill’s spine to stop at top for ruck on plank (60 secs) then back to flag for some Yoga abs. Yoga abs in down dog-leg lift to opposite elbow, down dog-leg lift to forehead, down dog leg to same elbow. Repeat each leg, 3 reps. Wrap up on our 6 rucks above head for leg lifts 25 OYO.