Archives: CDD Ruck-About

  • When: 20180705
  • QIC: Scully
  • The PAX: Scully
  • On what turned out to be warm, breezy morning at RuckHill, YHC regretfully had no other Pax to share the experience, but continued on undeterred. As the clock struck 05:30, Warmarama (fully rucked) commenced with:

    Rucksack Good Mornings             20            IC

    Arm Circles (Forward)                    15            IC

    Arm Circles (Backward)                 15            IC

    Michael Phelps                                15            IC

    Carolina Dry Docks (CDD)              30           OMC

    The Thang

    Ruck-About, up,and around StinkHill with a total of 16 pit stops to perform 20 CDD’s. Mumble chatter was non-existent since YHC did not want his sanity questioned by the occasional passer-bys

    COT (of one)

    Keep giving it away men,




    F3 Hampton Roads