F3 Hampton Roads Challenges

F3 Hampton Roads has several different challenges PAX can participate in for self-improvement and healthy competition. See the descriptions below for more details.

Quad P

Quad P (Priorities’ Periodic Pointless Priority) is a CSAUP (Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless) challenge that changes every month. An exercise, set of exercises, routine, or other physical activity is selected for the month and the PAX keep track of their results using the Google Sheet below.

Hitting for The Cycle

Hitting for the Cycle (aka “The Cycle”) is a CSAUP (Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless) challenge focusing on experiencing every F3 Hampton Roads workout location (aka AO, “Area of Operations”). To qualify for the Cycle a PAX must attend all 18 AOs in a 30-day period beginning with 8 consecutive workouts at a different AO each day.

Rules for “The Cycle”:

  • PAX must declare he is partaking in the Cycle prior to the first workout.
  • PAX must workout at every F3 Hampton Roads AO in a 30-day period beginning with attending 8 consecutive different AOs. The PAX can select which day to start the Cycle but keep in mind there are five Saturday AOs that have to be attended in a 30 day period. 
  • During the Cycle the PAX must Q at least one workout.
  • During the Cycle the PAX will carry a Chris Taylor III baseball bat known as “Dodger” (the symbol of “The Cycle”) to each workout attended. If multiple PAX are partaking in the Cycle during the same cycle, they will take turns transporting Dodger to the AOs.
  • If a PAX starts a workout late or leaves early, the Cycle is null and void and must be restarted. If a PAX misses a workout while attempting to complete the Cycle then the Cycle is null and void and must be restarted.
  • At least one other PAX must be at any AO a PAX is attending as part of “The Cycle.” It is the responsibility of the PAX partaking in “The Cycle” to make sure at least one other PAX will be at an AO.
  • Upon completion of “The Cycle,” the PAX will have “Hit for the Cycle” and have the distinct honor of placing their John Hancock on Dodger.


  • Sat – Stinkhill, Ironclad, Playground, Log Deck, Hyzer Bomb
  • Sun – SlothHill, The Den
  • Mon – Up the Creek, Funny Farm, Lazy Susan
  • Tues – StankHill, DuckDuckGoose, HoneyWine
  • Wed – Bear Country, Tank Bank, Boathouse
  • Thu – RuckHill, QuackQuackHonk
  • Fri – Gas Station, Blackwater

PAX who have “Hit for the Cycle”

December 19, 2020

Catapult, Dreamliner, Funny Car, Priorities

January 9, 2021

Cowboy, Freefall, Sunshine

May 28, 2022

LinkedIn, Napster

June 10, 2023



Hall of Fame - "Lady Glitter Sparkles"

When a PAX with F3 Hampton Roads makes 50 posts at a F3 Hampton Roads AO, he is inducted into the F3 Hampton Road Hall of Fame. His name is added to Lady Glitter Sparkles (LGS), a 50 pound log. If possible, LGS is included in the PAX’s 50th workout to officially induct the PAX into the Hall of Fame. For added fun, if LGS ever hits the ground during the workout, then all PAX do 5 burpees.

Current F3 Hampton Roads Hall of Fame