Archives: Charlottesville Men's 4 Miler: F3 "Tap Takeover"? (11/12/17)

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  • F3 brothers in RVA, Roanoke, and throughout the Commonwealth – please consider marking your calendars for the Charlottesville Men’s 4 Miler on Sunday, November 12, 2017.  Charlottesville F3’s very own First Trimester (Mark Lorenzoni) started this race with the late Dr. Bill Steers thirteen years ago, as a way to encourage men to stop neglecting their health in middle age (as a urologist, Dr. Steers witnessed the ill effects of men getting out of shape and gaining weight every year through passivity).

    Dr. Steers hit the cover off of life.  He brought robotic surgery to UVA.  He became the chair of his department.  His passions in life were his family, fitness, and good wine.  Combining two of those passions, he started  Well Hung Vineyard (no, that is not a typo) with his wife.  One of his sons is a professional triathlete.  And in 2015 he became a grandfather for the first time.

    Sadly, Dr. Steers died shortly thereafter, in the prime of his life, and the race he started has taken on special meaning to me and a lot of the men at the hospital who knew and worked with Bill.  He did not live long enough to see F3 make its way to Charlottesville but he would have LOVED it.  I’ve done this race every year for the last four or five years – some guys fly, some walk, and everything in between.

    You know how sometimes you go to a restaurant or bar and there’s a “Tap Takeover”?  Like all you can get is Ballast Point or Ommegang or whatever?  I’d like to see F3 Takeover the Charlottesville Men’s 4 Miler in 2017.  I believe it would really help build enthusiasm for the race outside of Charlottesville, and seeing 20, 50, 100 men in black F3 shirts run it (or walk it with shovel flags) could help F3 Charlottesville reach new people that would benefit from what we do.  I realize it’s a bit of a drive and RVA and Roanoke have already given us so much of their time (for which we are thankful).  But if you are looking for a fall road race to do, consider this one!

    Registration site is not up yet but I wanted to get this on your calendar.  For those of you who are tech / social media savvy, please share this locally and spread the word as far and wide as you can!

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