Archives: Chimney Sweeps and Lucky 5s

  • When: 20181128
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Yoast, Snowman, Space Monkey
  • Although YHC has not been super consistent with posting back blasts, since I leveraged artistic license and made a few new exercises, I thought I should share.

    3 PAX were bold enough (or stupid enough) to brave one of the first sub-freezing glooms to descend on the soon-to-be-hibernating Bear Country.  After acknowledging the chilly clime, YHC started with a warmarama true to name.

    Warmarama: High knees (in cadence, IC 15), Butt kickers (IC, 15), Shoulder circles (IC, 10 each direction), Finkle Swings (IC, 20) … Chimney Sweeps-My 2.0 has recently fell in love with Mary Poppins.  In one scene, there are chimney sweeps jumping on the top of chimneys in a manner similar to the side-straddle-hop.  Then they would alternate and have one leg forward and one leg back.  YHC turned this into an exercise appropriately called, “Chimney Sweeps,” where the first two counts would be a simple side-straddle-hop, then the right leg would go forward, left leg back, left arm up and forward, right arm back and down.  This was repeated with the leg that goes forward alternating.  After some mangled choreography, the PAX perfected it for 20 in-cadence.

    The Thang: We moseyed to the track/football field where YHC confessed that one of the joys he found in F3 beatdowns was doing a preposterous number of reps of a given exercise and that would be the inspiration for the workout.  This began with what I have coined, “Lucky 5s.”  The PAX lined up in the middle of the straight away on the track.  At the start, half ran in one direction and half the other.  They turned around on the #5 and ran the other direction.  Every time you encountered another PAX, you had to stop and do 5 big boy situps.  With more people (we only had 3) you could use the whole track and not turn around.  As such though, we did Lucky 5s for 10 minutes.

    Next, we moseyed to the front of the taller bleachers for more exorbitant activity.  We had 3 PAX, so we did a total of 150 burpees.  One PAX would run to the top of the bleachers and back while the other two did burpees.  This was cycled until 150 burpees were completed.

    It was abundantly clear to YHC that the PAX wanted more, so we did lunge-Carolina Dry Dock combos back to the other side of the field around the track.  10 lunges, 4 count style were followed by 10 Carolina dry docks.  Repeato until we made it to the gate.  We moseyed back to the flag for exactly 7 minutes of Mary.


    COT and Ball of Man


    Space Monkey


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