Archives: Cinderblock Massacre

  • When: 20190727
  • QIC: Buoy
  • The PAX: Buoy, Marvel, Bobber, Stick, Gunner, Submac, Catapult, Training Wheels
  • 8 PAX arrived to Ironclad ready to work and it was a beautiful 75 and Sunny.

    • SSHs 20 IC
    • Goofball 20 IC; A standing mountain climber (running in place) while you alternate your arms up and down (like climbing a ladder). Do it IC.
    • Failure to Launch 10 IC; Hold Al Gore while Q counts down from 10. At Lift-Off, explode up into a tuck jump, immediately returning to Al Gore upon landing.
    • Flying sun gods sobriety style 15Fwd IC/15Bwd IC; Lean torso forward, raise one leg out to the back, reach arms out to side and do small arm circles. Count in cadence just like sun gods. Forward on one leg, then switch legs and reverse. A few of the PAX were having balance issues.

    The Thang
    Mosey around fountain to the parking garage.
    • Oden Hops, Got this routine while posting in Az on a business trip. PAX are required to hop every step to the top. At Ironclad PAX hopped every step in the stairwell to the top of the parking garage.
    While at the top of the garage PAX completed,
    • Ring of Fire LBCs, each PAX 20 reps 4ct
    • Ring of Fire BBS, each PAX 20 reps
    Once finished PAX made their way back down the stairwell.
    • Down 3 steps, followed by squat, rinse and repeat till bottom of stairs was reached.
    • Mosey back to flags.
    • Greta 1-2-3; It’s like Dora 1-2-3 but performed with each exercise using a 30lb cinderblock (YHC used Block Burpees, Overhead Press, and Chest Press). Also, while one of the pair is running, the runner is carrying another cinderblock to leave at the top of the run for the other to carry back. During the routine we had two cinderblock casualties.
    • Modified LL Cool J; Left/ Right Lunge, Burpee, then Jump Squat was modified to a broad jump. PAX completed workout between 2 flags, 100ft apart. Each PAX completed 2 rounds.
    • Ring of Fire Coupon Exercises; Curls 20 reps and Tricep Extensions 20 reps
    • 6 minutes of Mary with coupon; LBCs 20 IC, Box Cutters 20 IC, 45 degree shoulder extension hold AYG.
    Recover already at the flag.

    Quote from Jack Welch:
    “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”