Archives: Circumnavigation in a Circumscribed Way

  • When: 20170705
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Sub Mac, Deflator, Screen Door, Space Monkey
  • For each of the #BearCountry workouts I Q during the summer bible study I am leading, I try to build the workout around the theme of the bible study.  This week (actually last week since I am an uber-slacker and nearly a week late on getting this out) the theme was circumcision … uncross your legs … of the heart (reading was Deuteronomy 10: 12-19 and Romans 2: 21-29).   Needless to say, I had to get creative.  I decided to go linguistics for this workout and pounced on the idea of anything to do with a circle or any word that started with “circum.”  As usual, I worked in the numbers for the verses and similar neurotic behaviors whenever possible.


    Simple because I wanted to have as much time for the beat-down as possible

    Shoulder Circles-side, front, and up (IC, 10 count each direction) … convenient that we would be looking at Deut. 10 huh?

    Imperial Walkers (IC, 19)

    The Thang: Run around the school (circumnavigate) while doing specific (circumscribed) activities

    PAX partnered up.  One partner would start an activity while the other PAX ran to the next school corner.  That PAX would then start the activity while the first PAX ran to meet the second.  Repeat all the way around the school.

    Lap 1: Burpees

    Lap 2: Merkins

    Lap 3: Plank Jacks

    Lap 4: Squats

    Seven Minutes of Mary

    Ring of Fire (1) PAX hold 6″ while each PAX does 10 leg raises in turn (2) PAX does LBCs while each PAX does 10 Rosalitas in turn.

    Countarama, Namarama

    I briefly talked about the theme for the bible study which was to consider what motivates your thoughts and actions and recognize that, to continue to pursuing a more Godly life, you may need to circumcise from your heart those things that hinder your progress.

    We circled up for an increasingly odiferous Ball-O-Man, prayed, and departed.  The bible study was held at our local coffee shop where great caffeinated beverages, victuals, and conversation were had.


    Space Monkey