Archives: Cold. Cold. Cold Stankhill..

  • When: 20171128
  • QIC: McGruff The Crime Dog
  • The PAX: Scully, Sunshine, Cowboy, McGruff, FNG Couch
  • It was a cold and dark morning at Stankhill five brave PAX exited the fart-sack this morning including an FNG.. Couch.  There was small talk and introduction before it all began.

    Side Straddle Hop 25 IC

    Imperial Walkers 25 IC

    Abe Vigodas 25 IC

    Merkins 25

    Arm Circles 20 front/back

    LBC’s 30 IC

    Backpacks WODS

    Run/Walk 1 mile with weighted backpacks

    15 Merkins side BP Pulls


    50 jumping/ jacks

    40 lunges 20 each leg

    30 side lunges 15 each leg

    20 mountain climbers

    10 Merkins

    20 M/C’s

    30 Side Lunges

    40 Lunges

    50 Jumping jacks

    15 Merkins side BP Pulls

    Backpack off

    Backpack Curls 15

    OH Press 15

    Mosey back to COT. Count A Rama, Name A Rama. And induction of the FNG “Couch”. Welcome to the F3 Family.

    F3 Hampton Roads