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  • QIC: Dreamliner and Priorities, Dreamliner and Priorities
  • The PAX: Screen Door, Deflator, Priorities, Dreamliner, Globetrotter, SubMac (In the order of their first leg), Screen Door, Deflator, Priorities, Dreamliner, Globetrotter, SubMac (In the order of their first leg)
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    The day was still young when YHC rolled up to Priorities’ home to finish packing the RV and van.  Major thanks to M Priorities for sharing the van with the crew as this weekend would not have been possible without it. After gathering all needed supplies and introducing Priorities to “Twice the Ice” we were off. Priorities and Deflator in the RV and YHC and SubMac in the minivan. Globetrotter (YHC’s brother) and Screen Door met us at the campground (Chickahominy River Park – Exchange #11).

    Friday evening consisted of all three Fs. Fitness: Despite the fact we were about to run 79 miles, Screen Door departed for his mile run to ensure a perfect score for the month.  Way to keep YHC honest.  There were a few days YHC would have skipped had it not been for Screen Door. Fellowship: Cornhole, holey ring, and dinner (#Tclaps to Deflator for some amazing spaghetti). Faith: Globetrotter led us in a bible study. 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 (NASB) “24 Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win. 25 Everyone who competes in the games exercises self-control in all things. They then do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable. 26 Therefore I run in such a way, as not without aim; I box in such a way, as not beating the air; 27 but I discipline my body and make it my slave, so that, after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified.” Appropriate considering on what we were about to embark. The minivan was packed and decorated (courtesy of our artist Deflator) for the morning and the PAX hit the sack.

    The alarm clocks rang out throughout the RV at 1:00 a.m. (not 12:55 a.m. because 1:00 a.m. sounds so much better). The minivan pulled out by 1:15 a.m. and met Screen Door at Woodfin Pit Stop (Screen Door slept in a separate pop-up camper with the M). To the PAX’s best knowledge, Woodfin Pit Stop is the store F3RVA Bleeder owns where their PAX stopped on the way down to launch us last year.  When the owner bangs on the closed door of a store, you open as was the case on that fateful day.

    We arrived at the start line for packet pickup around 2:20 a.m. Screen Door led the Ball of Man before departing off on leg #1.  YHC lost our “leg” (direction) tattoos before we even made it to the end of the driveway (we were sure getting started off on the right foot). These “leg” tattoos are placed on your arm (they really should come up with a better name).


    The Thang:

    Big Data:

    78.66 miles

    35 kills (passes)

    2 possum kills (literally).  One of which was confirmed on the drive back. The other confirmed on the spot.

    Start Time: 2:38 a.m.

    Finish Time: 12:31 p.m.

    Total Time: 9 hours and 53 minutes with 2 hours and 23 minutes “double time”

    Race Time: 12 hours and 16 minutes

    Leg #1 – Screen Door – 7.76 miles

    Leg #2 – Deflator – 5.3 miles

    Leg #3 – Priorities – 7.66 miles

    Leg #4 – Dreamliner – 10.46 miles

    Leg #5 – Globetrotter – 7.37 miles

    Leg #6 – SubMac – 2.21 miles

    Leg #7 – Screen Door – 8.92 miles

    Leg #8 – Deflator – 8.27 miles

    Leg #9 – Dreamliner – 7.27 miles

    Leg #10 – Globetrotter – 2.21 miles

    Leg #11 – SubMac – 4.35 miles

    Leg #12 – Priorities – 6.88 miles

    Each PAX stepped up during the race.  Screen Door ran two of the longest legs (7.76 mile and 8.92 miles). Deflator greatly increased our team pace (as denoted by the van’s inability to keep up – see below) and crushed the other 8.xx mile leg. Globetrotter drove 4.5 hours each way on Friday/Saturday to join the group and with very little training ran a 7.37 mile leg. With thoughts of pulling out due to foot injuries, SubMac battled through the pain and crushed his estimated pace. Priorities ran by far the hottest leg and got us to the finish line. The heat during this leg was no joke.

    We finished the race together with an epic climb up to the finish line carrying two shovel flags with our M’s, 2.0s, and fellow racers cheering us on (see video above).



    The PAX were joined by the M’s (wives) and a van load of 2.0s. Moe’s was a top priority for almost everyone despite the fact we had still had a van full of food. Liquid refreshments were served and the PAX settled in for an afternoon of fellowship with each other, our families, and our brothers from F3 Richmond who put a team together as well.

    Eventually the festivities began to wind down, the vehicles were packed, and everyone departed back home.



    With so much that happened, YHC recognized there was zero chance he could remember all of the shenanigans that took place. As such, YHC asked each PAX to submit his favorite experience(s) and least favorite. Here were the responses (Still waiting for Priorities and Screen Door but not holding back the backblast any longer).


    YHC’s Favorite Experience:  Looking around the campground Friday night, in the van on Saturday morning, and at the finish line and seeing how far this group has come over the last six months. When this race happened last year, there would have been absolutely zero chance YHC would have had five other men willing to do something this crazy with him. YHC is thankful for each and every one of you.

    YHC’s Somewhere in the Middle Experience: The statement “vehicles were packed” is a loose term for YHC who left the three-ring binder of race times, his water bottle, keys, pillow, duffle bag, head lamp, and two shirts in Priorities’ van or RV. YHC has been informed that he will be made fun of by M Priorities at the next connect group. That’s okay, YHC deserves it.

    YHC’s Least Favorite Experience: Losing the rubber match in cornhole to Priorities and SubMac. Although a “team” sport, there was very little blame to be placed on Globetrotter for the loss.


    Deflator’s Novel (#Tclaps, above and beyond): Good times were had Friday evening as the team converged at Priorities’ RV for some carb loading and camaraderie.  Deflator introduced the group to “Holey Board”, a seemingly simple game with industrial-sized washers that turns tense pretty quick (directions in the pictures folder for enthusiasts).  At a future F3 event where a few more beers are in order, it would be worth adding the unwritten drinking rules.  Team then settled in for what seemed like a fairly useless endeavor to get some shuteye.  Submac seemed aghast when Deflator explained the need for bandaids on the man-nipples during extended runs to mitigate the negative effects of chafing.  Luckily, Priorities was able to validate Deflator’s assertion with his own negative, albeit more graphic, explanation of the phenomenon.  It involved a bloody T-shirt and details inappropriate for such a public posting.

    On the over hour-long drive to the starting point early the next morning, the gravity of the endeavor before us became apparent.  Amid possums, deer, and darkness, the perspective of the distance being traveled by car soon being repeated on foot by these six men was a strong dose of reality.  Nonetheless, Screen Door enthusiastically kicked off the event while the remainder of the team transited to the next waypoint.  Deflator went next, taking off for his 5+mile leg while the team awaited Screen Door’s arrival.  Having finished his first leg ahead of expectations, Deflator fought through feelings of abandonment as he crossed the finish line of his leg without the team van in sight, waiting nearly 10 minutes for their arrival.  All was soon well, and Priorities took off for the next and his first leg.

    [I assume others will add their thoughts on their legs, so fast forward to my next leg…]

    Deflator’s apprehension grew considerably as his second, and 3-mile longer, leg grew near.  Excitement overcame the apprehension and Deflator took off on the first leg of the Colonial70 that utilized the Capital Trail.  Once again, feelings of abandonment returned as the F3 van passed Deflator about 5 miles in without a “shout out” or honk of the horn.  The team claims he was obscured by foliage.  The 7th mile proved to be the hardest physically and psychologically – it was the only time Deflator stopped to walk for a few minutes.  But ultimately he persevered and was finally greeted by high fives from the team at the end of the leg, his contribution to the 79-mile challenge now complete.

    My least favorite thing was gutting it through the last mile of my second leg – I was talking to myself considerably and starting to see little sparklies out of the corner of my eyes.  My most favorite thing was every other part of the experience.

    YHC’s response: Major rookie mistake on the team’s part not leaving enough time for the drive from Exchange #1 and #2.  It will not happen again.


    SubMac: I enjoyed the overall camaraderie as we had dinner, bible study, and played games Friday night.  Also enjoyed forging a bond with fellow HIM (High Impact Men) through supporting each other as we pushed ourselves to the limit during the race.


    Globetrotter: My high was finishing the race and everyone healthy. Another high was the night before the race hanging around with the men. My low was not being able to crawl out of bed to go to Sunday morning service the following day.



    In closing, major #Tclaps to all PAX that participated. Thanks to all the M’s for putting up with our craziness, supporting us, and for volunteering (M Dreamliner and M Screen Door) which helped lower the cost.  This was a great CSAUP (completely stupid and utterly pointless).

    – Dreamliner