Archives: Colonial200 Final Preblast

  • When: 20180420
  • QIC: Dreamliner, SpaceMonkey, Screen Door
  • The PAX: Screen Door, SpaceMonkey, Spit, Gunner, Dreamliner, BatDoc, Free Fall, 3For1, Priorities, Cowboy, Bachelor Pad (Driver), Cobwebs (Driver)
  • The team is set. Training almost complete. Here are the logistics. If you have any questions, please reach out to either Space Monkey, Screen Door, or YHC (Dreamliner).

    Note: If you did not sign up and starting to feel like you are missing out, let us know soon. We can probably make some magic happen.

    Thursday, April 19
    1200: Bachelor Pad and YHC retrieve 15 PAX van from Enterprise (3004 W. Mercury Blvd., Hampton, VA). ONLY Bachelor Pad and YHC.
    1700-1730: Arrive at Bachelor Pad’s home and pack van. 100 Pear Avenue, Hampton, VA.
    1800: Depart for rental house.
    2030: Arrive at rental house. 17556 Wolf Trap Dr, Gordonsville, VA.
    2030-until: Dinner, Bible study (Q’d by Space Monkey), fellowship (games, decorate van, etc.), sleep

    Friday, April 20
    0430 (or earlier): Wake up. Load van.
    0445: Depart for start line. Preddy Creek Trail Park, 3690 Burnley Station Rd, Charlottesville, VA.
    0515: Arrive at start line, packet pickup, receive race instructions.
    0600: Start running. Car takes runners 1-4 (Screen Door, Space Monkey, Spit, Gunner). Van drives to beginning of leg #5 (Zion United Methodist Church, 1674 Zion Rd, Troy, VA).
    ~0910: Van/car exchange. Car takes runners 5-8 (Dreamliner, BatDoc, Free Fall, 3For1). Van drives to Richmond International Airport.
    ~1020: Van picks up Priorities from Richmond Airport. Travels to beginning of leg #9 (Evergreen Bibleway, 1576 Evergreen Rd, Louisa, VA).
    ~1130: Van arrives at beginning of leg #9.
    ~1210: Priorities begins running leg #9 (40 minutes of buffer). Car takes Screen Door, Gunner, and Priorities (who is running). Van takes all others.
    ~1305: Prior to 1305, Cowboy is dropped off at beginning of his leg (Leg #10). Cowboy has a work presentation Friday morning. Contingency plan is for Gunner or Screen Door to swap legs with Cowboy if he is late.

    For remainder of race, see Van/Car schedule below. Plan to sleep during your stints in the van.

    Saturday, April 21
    ~1400: Finish race. Jamestown Beach Park, 2205 Jamestown Rd., Williamsburg, VA.
    ~1400-1700: Post-race party. Friends and family invited.
    ~1700: Depart for Bachelor Pad’s home (Feel free to ride with family or in the van).
    ~1740: Arrive at Bachelor Pad’s and retrieve vehicles.

    All food and most supplies are being provided by Screen Door, Space Monkey, and YHC (see cost below). If you have anything you want for yourself (e.g., Goo Bars), feel free to bring them but you do NOT have to bring enough for the entire group. We are trying to make this as easy and convenient as possible. Check out the packing list on the spreadsheet for suggestions on what to bring.

    Race: $118.57 per runner (most have already paid this but if you have not, please do so). Due to Dreamliner. ONLY RUNNERS.

    15 PAX Van/Gas for Van: $40 per runner to Dreamliner (see cost breakdown below). ONLY RUNNERS.

      Van cost: $295.75 ($29.58 per PAX)
      Mileage: 500 miles
      MPG: 12
      Gallons: 41.67
      Price per gallon: $2.50
      Total Gas Cost: $104.41 ($10.41 per PAX)
      Total cost per PAX: $40

    Gas for Car: This was so low it is being rolled into the food payment to Screen Door.

    VRBO (Thursday night stay): $475.20/10 = $47.52. All PAX except Priorities (flying in Friday morning) and Cowboy (driving up Friday morning). Due to Screen Door.

    Food/Supplies: $15 to Screen Door. $8 to Space Monkey. All PAX (12 people).

    Amounts can be paid in cash/check at the race. For YHC, you can also use PayPal (

    Car/Van PAX Schedule:

    Drivers (Bachelor Pad and Cobwebs) will rotate between van and car as they see fit.

    Legs 1-4:
    Car: Screen Door, Space Monkey, Spit, Gunner
    Van: All others

    Car: Dreamliner, BatDoc, Free Fall, 3For1
    Van: All others

    Legs 9-12:
    Car: Priorities, Cowboy (after leg 10), Screen Door, Gunner
    Van: All others

    Legs 13-16:
    Car: Spit, Space Monkey, Dreamliner, Priorities
    Van: All others

    Legs 17-20: Leg 17 is only 3.3 miles so this will need to be relatively quick turnover.
    Car: Free Fall, 3For1, BatDoc, Cowboy
    Van: All others

    Legs 21-24: Leg 21 is only 3.75 miles so this will need to be relatively quick turnover.
    Car: Screen Door, Space Monkey, Spit, Gunner
    Van: All others

    Legs 25-28:
    Car: Dreamliner, BatDoc, Free Fall, Screen Door
    Van: All others

    Legs 29-32:
    Car: Priorities, Cowboy, 3For1, Space Monkey
    Van: All others

    Legs 33-36: Van travels to Exchange #35 (end of leg #35) for shower (see information below) then to finish line. All PAX cross finish line together.
    Car: Spit, Gunner, Dreamliner, BatDoc
    Van: All others

    Additional Information:
    Showers: We have shower facilities available at Chickahominy Riverfront Park (Exchange #35). Please use the map included in team handbook to locate the showers at the park.

    Team Handbook: