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    Most of you have heard that this is coming.  Others may be hearing for the first time.  As you may know, F3 Nation is pushing local communication to each region to manage.  This means that we will no longer be posting backblasts and other pertinent regional information on the website.  This change will take effect in mid-July.  After mid-July, anyone with a login to will no longer have rights to create a new post.

    Richmond has taken the charge to create a new website to support our local needs.  We heard the comments and have decided to maintain similar capabilities of  We are also offering up this ability to Charlottesville and Hampton Roads for as long they need it.  Indefinitely.

    What does this mean?

    1. Starting July 1, use as the location to post backblasts, preblasts, etc.
    2. If you have every posted a backblast or commented on a backblast on your user account should be migrated over.  If you have a login but haven’t commented yet, please do so by June 30 so your account will automatically be created.  This will help our region comz out a lot so we do not have to recreate logins.
    3. We will not lose our historical posts. This was a major decision on staying with our current platform.  Videos posted on backblasts will not transfer over but everything else should.  Including comments.
    4. Mobile app should continue to function as-is.  There may be a gap for a day or two while this gets ironed out.  Wilson – shoot me an email.
    5. Spreadsheets for Q signup and challenges will remain the same.  Big Data will not miss a beat.
    6. Unfortunately, this decision will prevent cross-posting of backblasts across regions that are not under  This is an outcome of the broader f3nation decision.


    1. On or near June 30 I will open up the new to traffic.  We will be testing this week to verify that backblasts can be posted and users can be notified of all comments made on a backblast (if desired).
    2. On June 30 I will migrate all existing backblasts from to  Any posts to after 6/30 will not be migrated.
    3. Starting with July 1, you should post your backblasts to
    4. If you have any IFTTT recipes for notifications, you will need to modify those to point to as necessary.

    What do you need to do?  Virtually nothing.  On June 30 you will be able to login to  Your user account will remain the same but you will need to reset your password.  There will be information on directing you how to reset you password.  After that, the rest should remain the same.

    This is a great step for our Richmond region and will allow for us to control our own communications on a broader scale.  There will also be more opportunities for us to enhance this website to include other features.  There will be data, lots of data.  All to come in the future.

    If you have any comments or questions let me know, either directly via email or by commenting below.  We also have an admin at email account you can use (but I cannot guarantee a response time).

    Splinter out.