Archives: Conquering Mt. St. Smell-ena

  • When: 20170921
  • QIC: Deflator
  • The PAX: Deflator, Triple Option, Submac, Dreamliner, Scout, Airwolf
  • 6 PAX joined up at QuackQuackHonk for another Deflator Q and more importantly, the penultimate Triple Option post before his Hall of Fame post, presumably at StinkHIll this Saturday.  YHC opened with a quick review of the principles (all SAT) and then:

    Warm-o-rama:  40 IC SSHops, 10 Calf Raises, 10 Helos, Buffet of Arm Circles in 4 servings, Thunder (listen to “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons, hold plank and each time they sing “Thunder” – 74 times total – do a ‘Merkin)

    The Thang:  Mosey with Style around the Mighty Eagle Harbor Lake.  PAX pair up and then split into 2 groups – Relatively Slow and Relatively Fast.  Groups go in opposite directions, when they meet, partners do 10 HandClap ‘Merkins.  Repeat two more times.

    Mosey to a new area of the AO:  Mt. St. Smell-ena.  Conduct Dirty Dozen – 4 rounds of 3 sets of exercises.  One Round goes like this:  One stationary PAX does SSHops while his pair traverses Mt. St. Smell-ena (backpedaling up the hill for fun), on the other side of the hill does 6 Burpess, and traverses back across the hill to his pair.  Repeat-o two more times.  Next round, same idea but the stationary PAX does Copperhead Squats.  Next round, same idea but the stationary PAX does a Back Plank.  Next round, same idea but the stationary PAX does Plank Jacks.  As a final twist, any PAX can audible and pick up the F3 Kettlebell and just curl it until his partner returns.

    Mosey back to the Flags for 6MOM:  Outlaws, Hundreds, Boat/Canoes, James Bonds, Sweat Jacks.  Feet can’t hit the ground, so PAX had to hold Happy Baby yoga pose between exercises.

    Count-o-rama and Name-o-rama completed SAT and with correct ages, for once.

    COT: YHC spent the last week listening to the F3 primer podcasts available on iTunes.  They are really really good and useful for the veteran and novice alike.  OBT and Dredd talk about F3 in a very detailed and insightful manner, and it helped put into greater context why and how this thing works.  Essential listening, highly recommended.

    BOM and out.

    NMMS:   YHC brought out a few exercises we did at Dogpile last weekend, and a few new ones.  YHC knew “Thunder” would be ridiculous, but I needed to use some props and hopefully the PAX found it mildly challenging and fun.  Boat/Canoes were a bust.  Running up Mt. St. Smell-ena backwards was a sneaky challenge when accomplished over and over again, as evidenced by the groans and the way the PAX were slow stepping up the hill.  I’m sure it looked interesting.  Somehow we ended a Deflator Q without a bear crawl – though we had alot in the bank from Submac’s bear crawl bash on Tuesday.

    Triple Option – fight off the fartsack monster and hoist Lady Glittersparkles with pride this Saturday!



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