Archives: Count by 100s

  • When: 
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Mentos, Screen Door, Sub Mac, Slash, Pueblo, Priorities, Bachelor Pad, Hot Corner, FroZone, Dreamliner, Space Monkey
  • Stink Hill stood before us in the wee morning hours and 11 grizzled PAX decided it needed company.  With clown cars in park, it was off to the shovel flags.

    The Thang:

    Warmarama:  Side Straddle Hop (20x, IC), Imperial Walkers (20x, IC), Don Quixotes (20x, IC), Shoulder Circles (10x forward and back, IC), Burpees (5 on YHC down-count).

    Off to the hill: The PAX moseyed up the hill on the nearest stairs, partnered up, and grabbed a rock to share.  Partner 1: 10 rock curls, Partner 2: 10 Big Boy sit-ups.  Rock exchange and repeat 10x (See where the count by 100s comes in).  As there was an odd number of PAX, YHC decided to go it alone with his newfound rock friend, which he named “Phil.”  Dreamliner and Screen Door, clearly suffering from “rock envy,” spoke unpleasantly of this newest member of the F3 Nation.  Undeterred, Phil and YHC completed this round of 100s.  Then, it was 10 burpees.

    To the Pole! The PAX moseyed to the first methane pipe.  Original plan was to run halfway to the second pipe, 10 merkins, full distance to second pipe, 10 merkins, about-face and repeat until 100 merkins were achieved.  Audible called to perform merkins at every quarter of the distance, reducing the number of passes between pipes to 3.  Then … 10 burpees.

    Downhill:  A short mosey down-hill, but the restless PAX wouldn’t stay long.  Partnered up, the PAX were anxious for more.  Partner 1: run halfway up the hill and do 15 squats, full way, 15 squats, return to partner 2 who was doing LBCs the entire time.  Once each partner climbed the hill 3 times, return to the bottom, 10 squats and … 10 burpees,  It was at this point that we deemed Mentos dog, “Lucy,” both the only female allowed to participate in an F3 Hampton Roads workout and our un-official Stink Hill “Security Officer.”  We need Priorities to file all the paperwork through Corporate but he was busy running a half marathon the day after he posted to this workout.  Aye!

    Picnic Tables: We moseyed to one of the picnic table areas and, although YHC originally planned to stop at the first one, when asked which we would stop it, YHC humbly replied, “The one I stop at,” which happened to be the furthest one.  With the PAX finally warmed up, the true workout began.  Partners again for alternating dips and plank-jacks (10 each) with a burpee countdown between sets, starts at 10 burpees.  Audible was called to arrest physically excellent activities after completing the 6 burpee set due to time.

    Mosey back to flag for 10 s of Mary which consisted of the “stomach touch” exercise.  While thinking of the word “core,” each PAX held out their right hand and, IC brought that hand into contact with their stomach … 1 rep.

    Circle of Trust:

    Countarama and Namarama

    Unconditional Love: YHC shared a story of his 30th birthday ski vacation during the course of which, after some liquid courage, professed his commitment to “taking bullets” for the close friends around the dinner table that evening. This, however, is conditional love. YHC grew close to each of those people as a result of the years of interaction and misadventure. The bond had been “earned.” Paul reminds us in Romans 11:6 that the love of God cannot be earned, rather, it is given unconditionally. Thus, our efforts should not be to seek his approval, but rather, to exhibit his love to those around us. A life changing, monumental challenge indeed.

    Ball of Man for prayer then on-site Coffeteria due to several PAX having an engagement shortly after this practice of turning us graphitic gentlemen into community-improving diamonds. Great work folks!