Archives: Coupon Theivery!

  • When: 20201022
  • QIC: Gas Station
  • The PAX: Funny Car, Gunner, Huggies, Sea Daddy, Catapult, Bing, White Tail, Double Fault, Bunker, Marvel, Moneyball, Cash Flow, Gas Station
  • Conditions: Perfect


    Mosey over to get coupons and then…… WE FOUND OUR COUPONS WERE STOLEN!!!!!

    So we mosey’d back to the flags

    10 Burpees OYO

    30 Side Straddle Hops IC

    10 Each, Arm Circles (fwd/back/front/overhead) IC

    10 Overhead Claps IC

    10 Imperial Walkers IC

    Drop the coupons and follow the leader mosey to the small pond, bear crawl over bridge 2x and back to coupons

    The Thang:

    FLORA – Partner up for DORA’s evil step-sister

    Each pair together does 100 Merkins (10 sets/10 reps), 200 LBCs (10 sets/20 reps), and 300 SUMO squats (10 sets/30 reps). While PAX 1 does 1 set of the prescribed reps from column 1, PAX 2 does column 2 workout, flapjack until each workout is complete.

    PAX 1PAX 2
    LBCOn six, hold arms vertical and feet 6”
    Sumo SquatsAl Gore

    ARMs on Fire – Stay partnered, each pair does 2 rounds of each workout. PAX 1 does workout while PAX 2 moseys to sand volleyball court and does Sand Hares (think murder bunny without a coupon), flapjack.

    1. Bicep Curls (Lifting bench)
    2. Irkins
    3. Dips

    COT  Count-o-rama/Name-o-rama

    Psalm 119:57-64

    57 (A)The Lord is my portion;
        I promise to keep your words.
    58 I (B)entreat your favor with all my heart;
        be gracious to me (C)according to your promise.
    59 When I (D)think on my ways,
        I turn my feet to your testimonies;
    60 I hasten and do not delay
        to keep your commandments.
    61 Though (E)the cords of the wicked ensnare me,
        I do not (F)forget your law.
    62 At (G)midnight I rise to praise you,
        because of your (H)righteous rules.
    63 (I)I am a companion of all who fear you,
        of those who keep your precepts.
    64 (J)The earth, O Lord, is full of your steadfast love;
        (K)teach me your statutes!

    • YHC reminded the pax that in all of the craziness of this world, elections, work, etc. that there is beauty in remembering and meditating on God’s law. HIS law is a joy to uphold because he crafted it specifically for our good! We meditate on his Law because he loves us so much, that he teaches us explicitly what is good for us.


    • Who ever thought that murder bunnies would be resurrected after IPC 2020?!?!?!
    • It took every ounce of restraint that YHC could muster to forgo forming a mob to hunt down the culprits who sticky-fingered our AO’s coupons. However, should we have decided to do this, there was enough pent up anger from our resident CPAs (3x pax) to have don’t the job!


    • F3 10th Anniversary extravaganza is coming Jan ‘21
    • Suffolk Seaboard Coastal Trail 200 (Colonial 200 makeup) info: Nov 6-7 at Priorities House. Contact Lawn Boy or info here. You can still raise money for Rock Solid Foundation, check the FB page for more info!
    • Two new AOs start this week. Fort Fun (5500 Mercury Blvd @ Beach, Newport News)on Fridays at 5:30-6:15. New Norfolk AO starts Saturday, 24th at Tabernacle Baptist Church (7000 Granby Street, Norfolk). No IGNITE this week, but Ironclad is still a go!

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