Archives: COVID-19 at Stinkhill

  • When: 20200425
  • QIC: Funny Car
  • The PAX: Funny Car, Hot Corner, Finkle, Cookie Monster, Free Fall, McGruff, Sunshine, Scully, Average Joe, Blue (FNG)
  • 11 PAX strong at Stinkhill including FNG “Blue” who is a financial advisor and college baseball umpire. Blue was invited by YHC. 


    All warm-up exercises included 19 reps in cadence. Side Straddle Hop, Thru the Tunnel, Michael Phelps, Imperial Walkers, Calf raises, Squats. 


    Since our lives are being impacted by COVID-19, the workout included the following 19 exercises with each exercise including 19 reps. PAX moseyed to the top of Mt. Trashmore and divided into two groups. 

    After each exercise the PAX run 50 yards out and 50 yards back. Have PAX take turns leading the counting for each exercise. 

    Merkins 19 cadence

    Monkey Humpers 19 cadence

    American Hammers 19 cadence

    Alabama Prom Date 19 cadence

    Burpees 19

    Freddy Mercuries 19 cadence

    Bobby Hurleys 19 single count

    Carolina Dry Docks 19 cadence

    Pickle Pounders 19 cadence

    LBCs 19 cadence

    Superman 19 cadence 

    Squats 19 cadence 

    WWII 19 single count

    Bonnie Blair’s 19 cadence

    Penguin crunches 19

    Hand release merkins 19 single count

    Mountain climbers 19 cadence 

    Hello Dollies 19 cadence

    Side Straddle Hop 19 cadence 

    After completion of the 19 exercises around 7:45, Dealer’s Choice until 7:55 then mosey to the shovel flag. Three dealer choice exercises with 19 reps at the shovel flag. 


    Countarama    Namearama 

    Isiah 26:20 – Come, my people, enter your chambers, and shut your doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until the fury has passed by.