Archives: Darts

  • When: 20201204
  • QIC: Moneyball
  • The PAX: Moneyball, Funny Car, Carrier, Huggies, Marvel, Zebra, Wicked
  • Conditions: Cool, a little bit of spit


    • Sideways lunges x 10
    • 21s followed by 5 burpee penalty
    • Bat wings x 10 each

    The Thang

    • Rifle carry to patio deck.
    • Run to 4th life guard tower and back
    • Darts (courtesy of my kids magnetic dart board)- PAX throws a dart. Q dictated what red and green exercises were each session. PAX does the related workout on own count, all other PAX AMRAP while PAX is counting. Each PAX throws once per session. If they miss, 5 burpees, bullseye= they name the exercise and number of reps
    • First session- Shoulders- Green: grave diggers. Red: Lion King.
    • Run to 3rd life guard tower and back.
    • 2nd session: Pecks/Tris: Merkins and Bench Press
    • Run to 2nd Life guard tower and back
    • 3rd session: Abs: Big Boys and American Hammers
    • Run to 1st Life guard tower and back
    • 4th session Legs: squats and luges
    • 1 rep of murder bunnies
    • Riffle Cary back to cars/flag.


    • Lion King was a hit. Just imagine all PAX yelling the circle of life intro.
    • Good mumble chatter since only one PAX has to count
    • Funny Car the only one to hit a bullseye- he chose Monkey Humpers (Shocker)
    • Huggies preferred to just stay on the ground when possible during darts.
    • 1 rep of murder bunnies simply to show Zebra and Wicked the pure glory of them.
    • Before the Q, we discussed the legality of this AOC…..and mentioned we haven’t been stopped yet.
    • The Park Ranger came while PAX were leaving and shut us down. “We are exercising in the name of the Lord” didn’t change her mind. Good try though Nan’tan.
    • Moving to the NN/Hunnicutt YMCA parking lot next week.


    Mark 2

    Jesus heals a paralytic.

    Men like to fix things. Jesus likes to transform things. Don’t try to focus on your relationships and find things to fix. Follow Jesus, live like him and with him, and transform relationships, instead of trying to fix them.


    • Quad P for December is choose your own routine. Any and all PAX can still jump in and compete.
    • There is a new F3HR challenge called “The Cycle” that involves posting at every single AO over a two week period. For the full details see Funny Car or the Facebook group.
    • F3 10th Anniversary is in January 15-17th @ Cape Fear. Details Here.

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