Archives: Deck of Cards @ Ruckhill

  • When: 20180315
  • QIC: McGruff
  • The PAX: McGruff, Scully, Cowboy
  • Bitter cold morning at Ruckhill. 3 strong PAX escaped the warmth of the Fartsack. PAX dove right in and started immediately with a 1.2 mile Ruck around the big lake. Then they endured the Deck of Cards in the parking lot with some suicides.

    All suits and cards 2-6= Suicides with the six cones.  Rest of the cards Hearts: Side straddle hop, Spades: Burpees,  Clubs: Merkins, Diamonds: Squats, Face cards: 15 Reps, Aces: 20 reps.

    Namearama, Countarama, Great job PAX. There was CSAUP opportunity coming up on 3/24. There is the Wounded Warrior 5K down at the Ocean Front in VB.