Archives: Deck of De … Light

  • When: 20180214
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Funny Car, Buoy, Forceps (F3 South Wake), Space Monkey
  • Valentine’s day beatdowns can only mean one thing, do the exercises that you despise as much as possible. Not wanting to disappoint the PAX, I decided to do just that with my nemesis, the Burpee. Also in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, YHC decided to partner our BearCountry favorite, “Deck of Death,” with our Quad P challenge, flights of stairs. Here’s how it all went down.



    SSH (14, IC)

    Don Quixotes (14, IC)

    Good Mornings (14, IC)

    Hillbilly Squats (14, IC)

    Shoulder Circles (14, IC, each direction)


    The Thang:

    Mosey to bleachers for Deck of De-Light. It is Valentine’s Day.

    Process is simple, pull four cards, do the exercise represented by each suit with the number or reps indicated by the card value. Face cards and aces were 10 reps.





    After the 4 cards were drawn, any burpees or squats were performed at the bottom of the stairs. The PAX ran, Mach speed style, to the top of the stairs (3 flights) to crank out any irkins or dips. Return to the bottom and repeat. We completed 10 rounds for 30 flights of steps. Not all cards were drawn but, as YHC is an astute individual, I determined that we only missed out on performing 7 burpees. So the PAX completed 92!

    Mosey to flag


    YHC described how the PAX are committed to the workout. It takes commitment to come to post at an AO, commitment to climb that 30th flight of step, commitment to do 28 consecutive burpees. We are called to exercise even greater commitment in our spiritual life. To commit ourselves to God in body, mind, and soul. One way that YHC confessed to struggling to realize this is in problems I face. But, if we can wrench the controls from our hands and place our problems under God’s control, He will provide a solution, a path, resolution.

    Prayers for several PAX to recover from injury, celebrate a new addition to family, remain healthy.

    F3 Hampton Roads