Archives: Deflator's 45th Birthday Q

  • When:¬†20180628
  • QIC:¬†Dreamliner
  • The PAX: Buoy, Dreamliner
  • What happens when you plan a Birthday Q for a PAX and he is not there? You work out at his front steps in hopes that he will wake up….

    Well come to find out he (Deflator) was already in MD after chasing the moving company to his new home. Hope we did not wake the neighbors.

    The Thang
    Side straddle hops x45 IC (In Cadence)
    Through-the-tunnel x45 IC
    45 reps because it was Deflator’s 45th birthday.

    Paint the lines on the tennis court.

    Mosey to Deflator’s driveway.

    “The Delator:” DORA format. 1 PAX runs to end of street and back. Partner completes exercise in driveway or on front steps. All reps 45 (45th birthday). If finished before other PAX, big boy situps.
    Elf on the shelf
    Flutter kicks
    Leg lifts
    Alternating shoulder taps
    Triceps extensions
    Overhead claps
    Reverse lunges

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY spelled out with legs. Similar to ABCs.

    Send selfie to Deflator in front of his house.

    Repeat the “Deflator.”

    Mosey to the flags.

    July 4 Convergence:
    This Wednesday is July 4th. We will be converging on the BearCountry AO (Western Branch Middle School) at 7:00 a.m. The workout will be 1 hour long with coffeeteria to follow for anyone who can stay. For directions, use the google pin on the schedule page (

    FiA/F3 Cookout:
    FiA (Females in Action) is celebrating their one year anniversary this month. We will be having a joint FiA/F3 cookout at our house (362 Bob White Pkwy, Suffolk, VA) on Sunday, July 15 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Papyrus and YHC will making BBQ. Bravehart is providing a FiAversary cake. Bring a side dish or drink if you desire. Please help us budget for food by RSVP at the following link.

    July Monthly Challenges (QuadP):
    June was a great month with 9 FNGs including 4 at Ironclad yesterday. To keep up the growth, we will be having an East vs. West FNG competition. The rules are simple. The AOs to bring the most FNGs in the month of July will be declared the winner. East AOs (StankHill, RuckHill, StinkHill, and SlothHill). West AOs (DuckDuckGoose, BearCountry, QuackQuackHonk, and Ironclad).

    This will be in addition to our regularly scheduled monthly challenge of Carolina Dry Docks (aka Pike Press). Log your reps here.

    Important Links:
    QuadP Monthly Challenges: July is Carolina Dry Docks.
    Q Schedule: Just sign up. We can help you prepare.
    F3 App (Google play or Apple App Store): This is the one-stop shop for all things F3 Hampton Roads. Download it. Get connected. (Note: Separate account from but the username and password can be the same