Archives: Do Not Grow Weary

  • When: 20180125
  • QIC: Dreamliner
  • The PAX: Airwolf, Deflator, Khakis (FNG), Raider (FNG), Scout, Screen Door, SubMac, Triple Option, Dreamliner
  • A great morning at #EarlyBird and #QuackQuackHonk. 4 PAX for #EarlyBird and 9 PAX for #QuackQuackHonk. 2 FNGs joined the gloom receiving names, Raider and Khakis. 9 PAX were the most we have had at #QuackQuackHonk over the winter. It was great to see those fall numbers in the winter gloom.

    The Thang (#EarlyBird)
    3.46 miles in 26:47.

    The Thang
    20 side straddle hops – In cadence (IC)
    10 imperial walkers – IC
    20 mountain climbers – IC

    Merkin (aka American style push-up) around the lake. 15 at each bench and dock.

    B.O.M.B.S.: Partner up at flags. PAX #1 exercises. PAX #2 runs to bench near lake and back. Flapjack. Complete 50 Burpees, 100 Overhead claps, 150 Merkins, 200 Big boy situps, and 250 squats.

    Curl/Carolina Dry Dock Circle: In large circle, every other PAX completes 1-arm curls and all others complete Carolina dry docks. 1 min. AMRAPs. Rotate to the left. Repeat until all PAX curled with both arms.

    Mosey to benches.

    Bench 1 and 3: irkins. Bench 2 and 4: step ups.

    5 minutes of Mary (abs).

    Recover. Recover.

    Circle of Trust:
    Gal. 6:9 (ESV) “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”
    This is especially true in the day-to-day grind where it is easy to grow tired. However, every once in a while we have days (much like this morning), where we get to experience the harvest.
    Prayer requests
    Ball of Man (BOM)

    Naked-Man-Moleskin (NMM):
    Amazing to have 2 FNGs with us this morning. Khakis has been an EH machine for over a year. With the back healed up, he has joined us in the gloom. Raider went all-out this morning posting not only for the bootcamp but also for a little extra credit on the run.

    Screen Door astutely pointed out, “It’s better to run with people.”

    YHC (your humble correspondent) was told to use his inside voice. This is not the first time YHC has heard this.

    F3 Hampton Roads 2018 Goals are here.
    Apr. 20-21: Colonial200 relay race.

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