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  • Short update from Deflator while away:

    I spent a week in DC and another in New England. Another 5 days to go before returning to Hampton Roads.  It’s been a great vacation so far, lots of quality time with my M and four 2.0s.

    New England is awesome.  I’m biased being a native and all, but there is something about the air, temperature, people (no shame in wearing my Patriots gear up here!) that make me long for finding a way back here more permanently. Wishful thinking, as Uncle Sam has other plans.

    Unfortunately F3 has not found its way up here much, so I haven’t had the opportunity to join an AO.  I have been running and working out OTB (solo), mostly giving myself F3 style beat downs if you can believe it.  I also ran my brother Tim and then my friend Justin through a sampling of an F3 style workout.  They really liked it.  Indicates to me that the fundamentals behind F3 are strong and hopefully in time it will reach more who desire the Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith that F3 helps foster.

    See ya soon!