Archives: Duck Duck Goose (The wrong way, or so I'm told)

  • When: 
  • QIC: Dreamliner
  • The PAX: Deflator, Spygate, Fabio, Bluegrass, Triple Option, SubMac, Priorities, Dreamliner
  • Disclaimer:  This backblast is short, sweet, and to the point.

    Eight local PAX took on #DuckDuckGoose and left holding their heads high.


    Warmarama: 20 side straddle hops (in cadence (IC)), 20 imperial walkers, 10 merkins


    The Thang:

    Run 20 minutes around lake.

    4 rounds of Duck Duck Goose (non-Minnesota rules).  Instructions from Priorities to google duck, duck, grey duck.  Exercises:  merkins, flutter kicks, merkins, flutter kicks, one-arm plank. To the dismay of all PAX, Triple Option almost bit it when traversing the circle but managed to stay up right.

    Tabata (20s on, 10s rest) with Carolina Dry Docks (way tougher than originally planned), squats/lunges

    Dealer’s choice on 7 minutes of Mary (abs)


    Circle of Trust (COT):

    YHC correspondent shared his experience with trying to develop strong, supporting, lasting male friends.  F3 has provided that medium more than any other setting for him. The point was further strengthened by Priorities.  Triple Option took us out.



    Triple option pointed out the lack of mumble chatter at this morning’s workout.  The shortened backblast is consistent with that theme.

    There is an off-the-books run that leaves from Eagle Habor Clubhouse at 0600 on Thurdsays for those that are interested.

    It was great to see all FNGs from last week return (Fabio, Spygate, and Deflator).  Bluegrass is back with a vengeance.  SubMac continues to bring it.  The corporate file gives Triple Option a ½ star for showing up ½ way through his first weekday workout.