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  • Okay, Priorities, this is for you.  I am managing to post a BB within the required 24 hr window, completing my formal upgrade.  Request that my corporate file be updated to reflect.

    4 PAX met up at BearCountry despite the predicted yet nonexistent rain.

    Warmarama: 20 SSH, 20 shoulder circles, 20 IWs, 20 windmills, 10 big boy situps, 15 flutter kicks, 10 box cutters.

    The Thang: Mosey from the shovel flags to the near side of the track for 10 more big boy situps and 10 more flutter kicks. Mosey to the far side of the track to prepare for arts and crafts.  YHC provided a sack full of markers and pencils which were to be used as counters.  The PAX split up to claim some space on the bleachers to do some leg work.  The clock was optimistically set for 20 minutes for each PAX to sprint to the top of the bleachers and back down to perform a set of 10 merkin and repeat OYO, you vs. you.  After each set, grab a marker from the bag and add it to your stack so that you can save the effort of mental math to keep track of challenge merkins.  This quickly became much more taxing than anticipated and YHC chose to be the first to Chippendale so far this year.  At the 10 minute mark fearing for my face to get up close and personal with the bleachers YHC called an audible to nix the bleachers and run around the track stopping for a set of merkins at each set of numbers.  Priorities rightfully stated that it was amazing how easy the track seemed after the weighted bat warmup of the bleachers.  After the first lap the leader (i.e. Dreamliner with YHC in tow) circled back so the PAX could finish strong as a group.  Tally up your merkins markers and mosey back to the flags for another set of big boy situps and flutter kicks.

    COT: Counterama and namerama complete, YHC discussed how this, the second week of March is historically a hard time for his family due to a history of family emergencies this time of year for the last several years.  That context led to consideration of the story of Job and how it is easy for us to praise God when he has showered us with blessings and life is good and we feel happy.  However, the true test of one’s faith is if you can maintain that faith and the ability to praise God in the face of adversity.  Each of us experiences hardships at different stages in our lives and different stages in our walks with God and it is important to maintain faith throughout and continue to praise God for the good things that he continues to provide even when they are hard to focus on due to strife and strain.  Dreamliner asked how to best approach someone who is having a difficult time since you always hear that saying “I know how you feel” is one of the worst things you can do.  My response based on my personal experience is to make an effort to maintain the relationship the same as it was before the tragic event.  Through our hard times, my family and I have seen friends just drift away because they don’t know what to do, and are afraid of saying the wrong thing or doing something to bring up bad memories.  I commend them for the concern, but what I think they fail to realize is that everything brings up bad memories and what people need in a time of trouble is for something to stay the same.  You need some form of a support group that doesn’t treat you like a porcelain doll, but treats you as a friend and treats you as you.  In that way you can be a lifeline back to reality, and a way for life to begin again.  Anyway, off the soapbox for now.

    Moleskin:  After the beat down all of the PAX except YHC were able to meet up at Dunkin’ for some second F before work while I went to go get my 2.0 ready for school.  I think that’s the first 2nd F gathering for BearCountry and I’m sorry I missed it!  Hopefully this is a trend we can continue!

    Till next time…

    -Screen Door