Archives: Early Morning Wine Tasting

  • When: 
  • QIC: Screen Door
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Priorities, SubMac, Screen Door
  • Four PAX members departed the fartsack in time for a trip up and down the F3 escalator.  Here’s how it went.

    Warmarama: 25 SSH IC

    The Thang: One lap around the lake, 10 jump-ups on the conveniently located flower bed retaining wall, 20 burpees, a second lap around the lake, 30 merkins, 40 squats, a third lap around the lake, 50 lunge walks (25 each leg), 60 LBCs. YHC was smoked at this point so rather than continuing the running pattern, we just worked our way back down the escalator.  After the 2nd F3HR #HDHH, three of the PAX, YHC included, were fighting the urge to splash merlot, but luckily we managed to keep to a wine tasting rather than ordering the whole bottle.

    Mary: 20 Freddie Mercuries IC, 20 LBCs OYO, 10 Crunchy Frogs IC

    COT: YHC has been studying Genesis for the last couple of weeks and was impacted by the willingness of Abraham to follow God’s call. He was the leader of his family following the death of his father, which culturally left him with a very large amount of responsibility to the family.  God called him to leave all of those responsibilities behind to follow Him.  He had the courage to do so on faith despite all of the pressure that he would have felt to continue about his daily life.  YHC thinks that each of us could work on trying to keep that in perspective when answering God’s call in our own lives, and remembering that God should be our top priority, even above our families.

    F3 Hampton Roads