GTE #32

F3 Nation GrowRuck Training Event

GTE #32 - Neptune’s Adventure

F3 Hampton Roads is honored to host F3 Nation’s GTE 32. The GrowRuck Training Event will be held in VA Beach from October 7-9, 2022. 

The F3 Hampton Roads co-chairs are Average Joe and LinkedIn. 

What is a GrowRuck Training Event (GTE): GTEs are designed to help Men become HIGH IMPACT MEN by reenforcing the F3 mission of invigoration of male community leadership.  During a GTE, we leave no man behind, but leave no man where we find him.  In other words, we struggle together to become better men for our communities and our families, while under heavy weight! AYE!

What do we do during a GTE? 

There are 4 phases to a GrowRuck Training Event:

  1. The Rally – The Rally is the Friday night gathering that initiates the GTE.
  2. The King Builder – The KingBuilder is the Saturday morning workout.
  3. GrowSchool – GrowSchool (G3LT) is a Schooling session during which the four quadrants of Preparedness (Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right, Leave Right) are taught in a classroom environment by the GrowRuck Qs.
  4. The Ruck – The Ruck is the CSAUP (Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless) Event during which the Leadership Skills of the individual GrowRuck Participants and the Teamwork of the Class is Accelerated through Pain and Chaos.

Below is the current packing list for the event.

  • Required Gear (Do not be that guy that forgets)
    • Ruck (suggested minimum volume: 20L)
    • 30 lb Weight (20lb Weight if pax weighs less than 150lbs)
    • 6L of fluids, of which 3L must be water. This can be combined in a water bladder (STRONGLY recommended) and other containers.
    • Headlamp with red light & extra batteries
    • Reflective bands on Ruck
    • Carabiner suitable for climbing
    • Photo ID
    • $20 Cash
    • Face covering that will cover mouth and nose (e.g., mask, gaiter, etc.) Bring something that will last the duration of the event.
    • Work Gloves
  • Optional Gear
    • Electrolytes
    • Windbreaker
    • Hat
    • Dry Bag
    • Food
    • First Aid/Blister Kit
    • Extra Socks
    • Extra Shirt
    • Toilet Paper
    • Disinfecting wipes
    • Hand Sanitizer/Baby Wipes
    • Duct Tape
  • Prohibited Equipment
    • Phone
    • Watch
    • Garmin
    • Other Electronic devices

Register at

The estimated cost to participate in the full weekend is $175. This includes GrowSchool Leadership Training, which covers the costs related to the ruck event, a T-Shirt, and sweet patches. Registration is open.

Grow Ruck #32 Patch
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