Archives: End of Year Awards Wrap-up

  • When: 20180101
  • QIC: All PAX
  • The PAX: All PAX
  • The “Fartsack” monster has absolutely no hold over me.  However, I am helpless against the “Crackpipe of Mañana” (look it up in the Lexicon) when it comes to parsing out 30 minutes to pull together awards.  With the holidays now behind us, YHC resolves, in the spirit of the new year, to re-establish a regular cadence.

    A few high-level, summary statistics from F3-HR 2017 to put things into perspective, taken from Big Data that is nearly complete with all such information:

    Almost 90 PAX posted at our AOs, totaling about 1500 posts altogether; we held about 265 workouts – so we averaged between 5 and 6 PAX per workout.  I counted 5 solo Q’s among the bunch, with a max of 19 at StinkHill back in mid-June.  It would be great to avoid any solos in 2018 and to have an AO above “viente”!  We will be publishing some specific goals for the first half of next year real soon to keep giving it away.

    Instead of Awards for the last three weeks, here are a few highlights:

    • The ever-prepared Dreamliner had to “audible” out of his Q at BearCountry as the PAX powered through his prepared material in unexpected time (  Of course, he recovered just fine.
    • A holiday celebration led by YHC at QuackQuakHonk brought hot chocolate, the 12 Exercises of F3 Christmas, and the debut of the Jingle Bell run that was so enjoyed it made additional appearances, in modified form, at three subsequent AOs (
    • ScreenDoor brought back Uno at DuckDuckGoose – a suprisingly difficult physical challenge made harder with having to fumble cards in the biting cold (
    • The media and a guest Q graced the PAX at BearCountry (
    • Some innovative fartsack preventers and age/weight games at StinkHill courtesy of Scully (

    We’re missing a few backblasts but the ones written and the AOs YHC personally attended continue to demonstrate the energy, ingenuity, innovation, and fun is alive and well in F3 Hampton Roads.  Here’s to an awesome 2018 driving to…




    F3 Hampton Roads