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  • QIC: Priorities
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  • Day 3 of #AWeekOfPriorities is in the books!  Don’t miss the grand finale (and I stress GRAND…spoiler alert) at #StinkHill on Saturday. 4 of the faithful arrived in the gloom for some urban exploration at #qqh.  Deflator was Swirly early to get in some foreplay (lexicon word of the day) and joined the pax (or maybe the pax joined him without asking…)  for the first lap around the lake.  Normally wouldn’t count 10 minutes of a workout as a post but since he pushed the pace of our “warmup” lap and was found to be true to bear crawl bridge even when running on his own, we’ll let it slide. Is first in first out (FIFO) a lexicon term?  Sorry you couldn’t join us for the whole morning but sometimes the mammon calls…

    The 3 remaining took on the Eagle Harbor cul-de-sac challenge.  The goal was not 7s or 11s but 20s.  Plant the flag at all 18 landscaped cul-de-sacs in the neighborhood, do 20s of Merkins and Squats.  Round it out to 20 with Merkins/Squats at the start and finish as well.

    Well, time ran out and we only made it to 11 but 3.85 miles, 78 Merkins and 164 Squats is good enough for YHC.

    Todays words of wisdom (after numbers/names) was about the Jester.  The first 2 days this week focused on extending our influence outward.  Be the man that sharpens others and the man relied upon in the trenches.  Today’s challenge was to focus inward.  The Jester is that tempting thing of the flesh that sneaks up on a man and causes him to stumble.  The Jester lies to us to slow our momentum.  Only you know what your Jester is whether it’s drugs, alcohol, tobacco, pornography, food, binge watching My Little Pony on Netflix at 3am, etc.  Challenge yourself to change directions but you can’t do it alone.  A change in spirit can only come from THE Spirit. The Shield Lock has got your 6.

    Slash took us out.

    Moleskin:  The 2nd goal of our urban exploration was to publicize F3 to the neighborhood and may have been a resounding success!  True results will be measured in FNGs but the pax were stopped in full F3 garb with the shovel flag carried proudly, for a picture from a random passerby!  Anxiously waiting for the post on the Eagle Harbor Facebook page.  I believe the quote was something like, “So proud of these men of Eagle Harbor”?  YHC felt a little bit like a celebrity.  Don’t get starstruck when you post for my Q on Saturday…  We also got one salute and one enthusiastic horn honk which was assumed to be encouragement and not get the flip(pin’ tire) out of the way.

    Special thanks to Slash for a relaxing coffeeteria on his back porch with some fresh Columbian java.  Now that his mammon doesn’t start at absurd hours, I could get used to that!  Too bad we’re both moving…

    Slash also brought to my attention my inability to count past my number or fingers and toes.  He correctly pointed out that if we were doing 20s, that we should have started with 1 Merkin and 19 Squats not 1 and 20.  #ISI #ShieldLock

    QuackQuackHonk co-founder, SubMac, is apparently training for the Colonial 70 by resting up. #Taper

    Dreamliner felt the need to make his own quacks and honks this morning.  I have new motivation to improve my first F so I can run ahead of him and not in his trail…

    See you all for your last chance to straighten your priorities on Saturday!

    Priorities out.


    F3 Hampton Roads