Archives: F3 Deck of Death Debut

  • When: 20180925
  • QIC: SubMac
  • The PAX: FNG Oscar, Stick, Marvel, Grinder, Buoy, Airwolf, Space Monkey, Dreamliner, SubMac
  • After 7.5 months since YHCs last Q, it might as well be considered my VQ.  It felt great to finally be able to Q again.  I had most of the workout planned and then my F3 cards arrived in mail.  So of course I had to audible to the F3 Deck of Death debut.

    Warmarama: SSH x 25 Deflator style changing cadence.  Then 3-4 cards were drawn that included wide arm merkins and ended warmarama with 100 flutter kicks.

    The Thang:  Moseyed to picnic tables to start.  Card was drawn and exercise completed at tables then another card drawn to complete after running to the path.  Then back to the picnic tables for the next round.  Repeato until time was up.

    COT: YHC has had alot of time since hurting his back to reflect on what F3 means to him and how much good it does in his life.  You never know or fully appreciate what you had until its gone.  So during that time I realized there were many days I would show up with the wrong attitude and mindset, and ending up really not enjoying the workout because of it. This is especially true for me personally during winter months. But this is a mindset and can be changed. If you recognize your blessed for the ability to come out here and truly have a thankful heart then your mindset can be changed. If you have not experienced those days yet, they will come. So when those days come, I challenge you guys to remember that it truly is a privilege to be able to come out here and do what we do and get better together.

    Moleskin:  There were too many exercises to list as every card had a different exercise.  This also makes it much more enjoyable than the standard deck of death performed with 4 exercises.  We got about 3/4 way through deck.  It’s too bad we didnt finish because as YHC was cleaning cards up he saw the last card was Monkey Humpers, which many of the new guys have not experienced….YET

    It’s good to be back!