Archives: F3/FiA Hampton Roads Labor Day Convergence

  • When: 20180903
  • QIC: Dreamliner, Papyrus
  • The PAX: Screen Door, Smores, Rocker, Stitch, Kilovolt (FNG Mark), Free Fall, Sono (FNG Gosia), Rosin (FNG Michelle), Stick, Bow (FNG Will), Bachelor Pad, Funny Car, Walk On, Scully, Floss (FNG Landen), Buoy, Zen, Ultra, Gear (FNG Amber), Catapult, Airwolf, Princess (FNG Molly), Snowman, SubMac, Tennessee Walker, Cowboy, Buckeye, Doomsday, Skull Trooper (FNG Logan), Grand Slam, Braveheart, Papyrus, Dreamliner, String (FNG Trent), 9 more 2.0s in attendance
  • The first convergence of F3 Hampton Roads and FiA Hampton Roads was a huge success. 43 total in attendance (31 PAX completed the entire workout and 12 additional 2.0s in attendance). Both F3 and FiA were well represented. Thank you for showing up and making this event what it was. These convergences will be happening again.

    The Thang:

    20 side straddle hops – In cadence (IC)
    10 toy soldiers – IC
    15 through the tunnel – IC
    20 butt kicker – IC
    Alternating exercises Q’d by YHC (Your Humble Correspondent) and Papyrus, YHC’s M (aka wife).

    Retrieve coupons (aka hand weights and cinder blocks) and mosey to the practice field near Western Branch Secondary School. 2.0s were given the option to play on the field, the nearby playground, or workout with the group.

    5 penalty burpees for dropping Lady Glittersparkles (LG). LG is a 43 lb. log that hosts the names of the F3 Hampton Roads Hall of Fame. Requirement for PAX is 50 posts within Hampton Roads.

    Modified DORA:
    Partner up (an F3 PAX with a FiA PAX, as much as possible). PAX #1 karaoke out to far cones (approximately 40 yards) and jog back. PAX #2 completing exercise. Flapjack until all reps completed by team.
    50 coupon swings
    100 4-count little baby crunches (LBCs)
    150 goblet squats

    Handoff the Q to Papyrus.

    Timed Routine:
    Exercises: Shoulder press, V-ups, lunges.
    Round 1: 60 s on 15 s rest.
    Round 2: 45 s on 10 s rest.
    Round 3: 30 s on 5 s rest.

    Papyrus hands the Q back to YHC.

    5 penalty burpees for dropping LG.

    Figure Eight AMRAP:
    As Many Rounds As Possible in eight minutes.
    Corner 1: 15 merkins (aka pushups)
    Corner 2: 15 big boy/girl situps
    Center: 15 curls
    Corner 3: 15 big boy/girl situps
    Corner 4: 15 merkins (aka pushups)
    Center: 15 curls

    Mosey back to the flags.
    As the PAX arrive at the flags, Papyrus leads a plank circuit.
    5 penalty burpees for placing LG on the ground.
    Recover. Recover.

    Moleskin: (random things that may or may not have happened during the workout)

    • The sheer number of PAX, 2.0s, and shovel flags was an amazing thing to experience.
    • The PAX stepped up to explain the F3 and FiA lexicon to each other. We each have a slightly different lingo. This made YHC’s and Papyrus’s job much easier.
    • Papyrus’s timer is very rude. The buzzer telling you to start exercising is very forceful. YHC and Buoy had a good laugh about this.
    • #Respect corner (over 50 years old) brought it.
    • Papyrus was not happy about the presence of LG. Her requirement for the convergence was NO burpees. Whoops.
    • Rocker and Braveheart showed up early, brought extra coupons, and helped us setup. Thank you.
    • Naming 6 FNGs and several 2.0s did not take nearly as long as it could have. Creative juices must have been flowing.

    Circle of Trust:
    Hebrews 10:24 (ESV) “And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works,”
    Point 1: We are called to “stir” one another up.
    Point 2: We must “consider” how we are going to do this. This is not something that happens by chance. It takes us being proactive.
    Prayer requests.
    Ball of Human.

    Sep. and Oct. QuadP (Monthly Challenge) is the Biggest Loser. This is supporting Funny Car while he loses weight prior to an upcoming heart surgery.

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