Archives: F3 Hampton Roads 3rd Anniversary Convergence

  • When:¬†20191109
  • QIC:¬†Dreamliner, Priorities, Average Joe, McGruff, Scully, Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Cowboy, Bing, Free Fall, Gandalf, Eagle, FNG Squints, Catapult, Honest Abe, Submac, Roll Cage, Finkle, Cookie, Bouy, Gunner, Armstrong, Training Wheels
  • 22 PAX showed up for an memorable Anniversary/ Convergence at Stinkhill. It was a sight to see with all the PAX standing around conversing. Some meeting others for the first time. It was perfect example of what F3 was meant to be.

    Dreamliner stood in the middle and introduced himself and led the PAX in the warm-up: Side Straddle Hop, Shoulder Circles, Reverse Lunges, and Squats.

    The Thang was then led by the following:

    Priorities- He led the PAX on a mosey straight up the Hill and over to th highest point. There Priorities led the PAX in Stair Way to Heaven Seven. The PAX started off with one Burpee and than ran up and down Stinkhill. Each time they reached the top they increased the Burpees by one until they got to seven.

    Average Joe- Mosey back to the flags to each collect a Coupon (aka mason brick). The PAX then Half-Prison Walked back to the stairs. They then walked up and down alternating shoulders with the bricks. The PAX then performed five Man-makers and then twenty Big Boy Sit-ups. After that they moseyed back to the flags to return the bricks.

    Scully & McGruff- We led the PAX in a friendly game of Ultimate Frisbee. With every turn over the PAX performed Burpees and Big Boy Sit-ups.

    After that Space Monkey led the PAX back to the flags. There he led the PAX in COT. The PAX performed alphabets leg raises, gas pumps, good mornings, and Side Straddle Hop.

    After which he led the PAX in the COT. He read Matthew 22:36-40 and 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. The PAX gave a warm welcome to Squints. He joined the ranks of the young PAX in training.

    After that the PAX enjoyed some more fellowship with food and drinks.