Archives: F3 Volleyball Makes Its Debut at SlothHill

  • When: 20180819
  • QIC: Scully
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Sensei, Catapult, Cowboy, McGruff, FreeFall, Scully
  • Great turnout this morning with seven rough and ready Pax chomping at the bit to help with the debut of F3 Volleyball at SlothHill. Unfortunately YHC failed to arrive early enough to set up the volleyball net ahead of time and had to rely on McGruff to get the Pax over to the court at 7am while YHC moseyed over early to begin setting up.


    SSH.                           20?         IC.   (Kudos to Dreamliner for getting this started while YHC completed net setup)

    Michael Phelps.        15.          IC

    Thru the Tunnel.        15.          IC

    Merkins.                      15.         IC

    The Thang

    Quick mosey to the top of StinkHill and back. Pax then planked up while YHC explained the “rules” (purpose is to keep the ball in play rather than score points. Ball hits the ground, all pax do 10 Burpees.) Sounded simple enough until YHC threw a wrench in things by requiring the Pax to run to the other side of the net upon touching the ball… Mass confusion followed and 10 Burpees were quickly modified to 5 and not long after, modified to 5 squats. YHC then directed the Pax to forego running to the other side of the net during play in hopes of getting some semblance of a rally going. That went a bit better so a second try at net crossing was implemented with Dreamliner suggesting a required net crossing only by the Pax making the first touch on a given side. That modification went much better and future attempts at F3 Volleyball will be made at StinkHill in the future using this modification to the rule. With but 10 minutes remaining on the clock, the net was broken down and the Pax headed back to the flags for a very brief Mary consisting of 20 Big Boys followed by leg lifts until the designated time was reached.

    Conterama/Namerama/Verse (repeat from YHC’s last Q…you can look it up in the BB)/COT

    Keep giving it away men,